Important Overview of Key Datto Products

by | Nov 9, 2016

Do you know the Datto products?

Last week we outlined some of the technology that protects your data and business against downtime, ultimately setting Datto apart and leaving any competition in the dust. Now, let’s take a look at the Datto products themselves. Today, we’ll cover the Datto SIRIS, Datto NAS, Backupify as well as the Datto Drive and Datto DNA.


The Datto SIRIS was built for BCDR. It isn’t just a device. It’s technology that delivers the first complete business continuity solution on a single platform—whether it’s on a physical Datto appliance, in a virtualized environment or re-imaging your current hardware into a Datto SIRIS.

It uses Datto Inverse Chain Technology, Screenshot Verification and Backup Insights as we covered last week (click here to review). And, has an impressive Recovery Time Objective or RTO of just six seconds.

There are also a lot of new updates to the SIRIS platform that we announced at DattoCon 16. For example, the SIRIS 3 is the first BCDR solution to offer a ransomware detection capability. This feature will notify administrators if ransomware is detected, allowing them to revert to a backup before the ransomware hit in an effort to save business downtime and avoid the ransom. What’s more, the SIRIS is no longer just for Windows. Linux and Mac operating system users can now have Total Data Protection too.

Another exciting update is that SIRIS now offers Infinite Cloud Retention, which replaces multi-year plans. Now, you can keep your backups for as long as you are paying monthly service, which makes for a very affordable way to keep data long term. What’s more, Datto SIRIS is now backed with an unprecedented 5-year product warranty.

For all these reasons (and more), the Datto SIRIS continues to be a “go-to” choice in BCDR for businesses of all sizes and areas of specialization.

Datto NAS

While the SIRIS is protection for the servers, the Datto NAS is protection for files and folders. It is a fancy Network Attached Storage Device that tracks the changes in the files to give users the ability to revert to previous file versions.

For example, if you are working in a file on a shared document. After you finish your work, you save it and move on to the next important task on your long to-do list. Later, you learn a colleague has opened and modified the document (and it isn’t to your liking). Without the Datto NAS, all the work out in beforehand is lost. The Datto NAS has a feature set that allows you to recovery information at the file level so you can undo accidental deletions and unwanted edits. The NAS is a valuable tool for any size organization and highly recommended for businesses that are highly dependent on computer files.


Backupify safeguards your cloud data. Businesses that use Google Apps, Salesforce and Microsoft Office 365 can use Backupify to protect their SaaS data from the most dangerous source—employees. Copies of the SaaS data are securely stored on Datto servers—and can be used to restore a deleted email or a virus locked Google drive folder, with just a few simple clicks. It is just another component to protect your data anywhere that it lives achieve, even in the cloud.

Datto Drive

Datto Drive offers superior, user-friendly, cloud-based sync and share functionality. It provides the features for which consumer-grade FSS utilities are known. However, it was specifically designed for businesses. Datto Drive brings employees together on a single business-grade FSS platform. With Datto Drive, administrators have complete oversight of their business’ data, including: viewing files created by former employees, creating or deleting user accounts, editing account privileges, as well as setting storage limits.

Datto DNA

Next (and last), we have the Datto DNA. The Datto Network is the first “born in the cloud” router, which will be in market very soon. It is a tool designed to connect users to the internet. It boasts a sleek user interface, and an exciting 4G failover feature to ensure customers stay connected to the internet—even when everything else fails! What’s more, the device can be configured remotely and configured on mass for easy installation and management.

While the Datto products and their technology is impressive, what makes BCDR with Datto even better is their support. Datto tech support is 24/7, 365 days a year and cover every medium: physical, virtual and SaaS. In addition, Datto is very accommodating with their upgrade and replacement policies for damaged devices. Check out Datto for yourself.

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