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Datto Business Continuity Solutions

Datto goes well beyond regular backup and recovery. They are “Business Continuity Solutions”, protecting your business from downtime, even if your physical servers or entire network has been destroyed. Datto systems are scalable and offer a full spectrum of solutions that can satisfy both the small business owner and large enterprise business. Datto enables companies to not just backup data, but recover entire systems in a matter of minutes.

$0 down and low monthly fee
Datto ALTO 3
Max 4 agents
Hybrid cloud backup
3 yr warranty
Cloud backup virtualization
Advanced file restore
Bare metal restore
Agent backup
No local backup encryption
VMDK/VHD export
Screenshot verification
Exchange & SharePoint recovery (optional)
No OwnCloud integration
Starting @ $1288
Datto SIRIS 4
Expandable storage
500GB - 120TB
Hybrid cloud backup
5 yr warranty
Local & cloud backup virtualization
Advanced file restore
Bare metal restore
Agent & Agentless backup
Incl local backup encryption
VMDK/VHD export
Screenshot verification
Exchange & SharePoint recovery
Incl OwnCloud integration
Starting at $804
Datto NAS
Expandable storage
500GB - 24TB
Backed up to cloud
3 yr warranty
Screenshotting (file versioning)
Advanced file restore
Device seeding
NAS & iSCSI options
No local encryption
Simple wizard
ACL permissions
TimeMachine capable
No OwnCloud integration

Datto Networking Solutions

Datto Networking delivers Network Continuity with always connected WiFi and fully integrated 4G LTE failover and failback to ensure the network is always available. The product line includes a collection of high-performance, fully integrated, secure networking products optimized for deployment in a small or medium sized business, complete with centralized, cloud-based management. Each networking product delivers enterprise-grade networking at a competitive price.

Starting @ $259
Datto Network Switches
Enhanced Power Management
Seamless Networking
Zero-Touch Deployment
8, 24 or 48 Port Options
Cloud Management
Starting @ $119
Datto Network Wifi
High-Performance WiFi
Self-Organizing Networks
Self-Healing Mesh
Seamless Roaming
Cloud Management
Starting @ $809
Datto DNA
Edge Router
Intrusion Detection & Prevention
4G LTE Failover
Cloud Management
“There is no better and no more affordable BDR solutions for SMBs than Datto.”

– David Streit, Principal, Stephill Associates

Try Datto Risk-FREE for 45 Days

datto money back guaranteeBusinesses around the world are switching to Datto. And, they are doing it for one simple reason.  It works. The Datto line of products can recover lost data and downed servers within minutes, not hours or days like many of the other solutions. And, with US-based, 24/7 support, we’ve truly got you (and your data) covered–nights, weekends and holidays.

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