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A New, Easy Way to Deploy a Private Cloud: Datto SIRIS Private

Datto’s SIRIS Private makes it easier than ever for businesses to deploy their own private cloud. Announced at DattoCon19, SIRIS Private is an ideal BC/DR solution for businesses that are restricted from storing data in third-party public clouds. It provides the same enterprise-grade data protection that SIRIS is known for, while keeping backups contained within your company’s private network.

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Everything You Need to Know about the Datto SIRIS 4

One of the biggest announcements at DattoCon19 was the release of the SIRIS 4. The newest version of Datto’s flagship BC/DR device will offer more power to make backups even better. From faster virtualization to better backup verification, there’s plenty to be excited about. Here’s what we know so far and what it means for your business continuity objectives.

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2 cybersecurity flaws you should be freaking out about

Earlier this month researchers discovered two very dangerous, completely unconnected cybersecurity flaws that put millions of computers at risk. And while some patches are already available, analysts say it’s only a matter of time before these vulnerabilities are exploited – possibly on a massive scale (think WannaCry or NotPetya).

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A Guide to Disaster Management for Small Businesses

Fire, flooding, ransomware – disasters can strike at any moment, in many different forms. When companies aren’t prepared, their operations come to a screeching halt—and in many cases, they never recover. By implementing a comprehensive disaster management plan, your organization can help reduce the risk of disasters and recover quickly when they do occur.

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Start Your Disaster Planning with this Business Continuity Plan Template

Preparing for disaster is one of the best things a business can do to avoid downtime when disruptive events occur. But for smaller companies, it’s not always clear how to approach that planning.

We’ve created this business continuity plan template to guide you in creating the single most important resource in your disaster-planning toolbox: the business continuity plan (BCP).

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