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The Datto Network Switch Makes Your Job Easier—Here’s How

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The Datto Network Switch is changing the way we think about network management.

Designed for zero-touch deployments and automated configuration, these switches enable you to build, monitor and scale a network from anywhere. It’s a game-changer for IT administrators and managed-service providers (MSPs), drastically reducing the time spent on network management and boosting user productivity, too.

Here’s what makes the switch unique and how it’s benefiting organizations.

High performance, managed from the cloud

The Datto Network Switch was originally developed by Open Mesh, a cloud-based networking solutions innovator that Datto acquired in 2017. Under Datto, the switches were released in conjunction with mesh-enabled WiFi access points (also created by Open Mesh) to provide “a complete collection of high performance, fully integrated networking solutions” that can be deployed in minutes and managed from the cloud.

Purpose-built for remote management

One key feature that separates the Datto network switch from other switching solutions is its cloud-based management capabilities. This isn’t your typical configuration screen. It’s a robust cloud management portal that lets you manage all of your networking devices from a “single pane of glass.”

From any browser or mobile device, you can securely monitor the network, and scale it. That means administrators don’t have to be on site to make important network configurations. This is especially beneficial for companies with networks that span multiple locations.

No onsite controllers

The Datto networking switch eliminates the need for onsite controllers by enabling secure access from the cloud.

Plus, you access the switches from the same Datto Portal that you use to manage all other Datto devices. So if you’ve deployed a Datto BDR, like the SIRIS or ALTO, you don’t have to tediously log into multiple platforms to manage your infrastructure. It’s all controlled from the same intuitive interface you already know.

And since it’s cloud-based, the platform isn’t static: Datto is continually enhancing it with ongoing updates and new features.

Fast, painless deployments

What does Datto mean when it says its network switches offer “zero-touch deployments?”

Well, you have to plug it in, obviously. But after that, deployment is a snap. Once you’ve connected a Datto network switch to power and Internet, it begins sending data to the cloud management system and automatically self-organizes with all the other devices on the network.

From there, you have total control over configuration via the cloud portal, without ever having to physically touch the device. Whether you’re adding a single switch or thousands, this quick deployment translates into lower costs and more flexibility.

Seamless integration with Datto WiFi

When you combine the deployment of these switches with Datto’s modular WiFi access points, you benefit from a complete self-healing, mesh wireless network that’s up and running in a matter of minutes.

The Datto network switch integrates seamlessly with the access points. It’s truly plug and play. The access points are power-over-Ethernet (PoE) enabled, which means they get their power from a Cat6 cable connected to the switch. No electrical outlet needed.

Like the switches, the access points begin sending data to the cloud management system as soon as they’re connected. So you have complete control over the network, at your fingertips, in minutes, even if you’re managing it all from hundreds of miles away.

Enhanced power management

Speaking of PoE, let’s talk about the switch’s generous power budget.

With built-in support for PoE+ (802.3af/at), the Datto switch can send up to 30 watts of power on each port. That’s up to 48 ports that can power your Datto access points or other PoE-enabled devices on your network. You have complete control over VLAN and PoE budgets via the cloud management platform. You can quickly view power consumption across all connected devices or drill down to the consumption on each port. Enable, disable or power-cycle any port remotely from any browser.

Layer 2 management

Datto’s switches offer full layer 2 management, giving you greater control over the data passing over your network. This enables robust management features across all switch models, including:

  • 3ad Link Aggregation
  • Port Mirroring & Trunking
  • IGMP Snooping v1/v2/v3
  • IGMP Fast Leave
  • MLD Snooping
  • VLAN Group
  • 1X Port-based Access Control
  • 1X Guest VLAN
  • Port Security
  • Storm Control
  • Port Isolation
  • Attack Prevention
  • Access Control List (ACL)

Prioritized network traffic

What happens to services like VoIP and video conferencing when network traffic is congested? If traffic isn’t prioritized, those applications will naturally suffer and may even become unusable.

The Datto network switch is built with Quality of Service (QOS) capabilities, which enables administrators to prioritize traffic flow. So all network applications and services perform as they should, even if the network is congested. You can configure these priorities as needed on each individual port, directly within the cloud management platform. Prioritized traffic flow means a more reliable connection, more productive end users and fewer headaches for IT.

Enhanced VoIP phone

Let’s continue with the VoIP example for a moment. VoIP has become the go-to option for phone service at businesses across the globe. But when network problems begin to hurt call quality, VoIP becomes a nightmare.

Datto’s switches are built to enhance VoIP service by enabling you to configure a Voice VLAN—a predetermined VLAN for voice traffic. So in addition to prioritizing voice traffic via the QoS capabilities mentioned above, you can also separate this traffic from other types. This further ensures that voice traffic gets the priority it needs to work as it should. And it’s all easily configurable within Datto’s cloud portal.

Greater visibility into the network

We can’t stress this enough: Datto’s cloud management system gives you deep insight into your network and control over it, from anywhere.

Greater visibility means you can identify issues faster and resolve them remotely. So if there’s an issue at the office across town, then you can troubleshoot it without setting one foot into the office—a huge time and cost savings. And remember: the switches automatically detect Datto’s WiFi access points, so you have a complete picture of the network, with the ability to reconfigure anything on the fly. Need to power-cycle an access point? Do it with a few clicks—no truck roll needed.

Sizes to fit any SMB

Switches are available in several sizes to meet the individual needs of each organization. Currently, Datto offers two series:

  • L-Series with 8- and 24-port options and a max PoE budget of 250W on the 24-port switch
  • E-Series with 10-, 24- and 48-port options and a max PoE budget of 740W on the 48-port switch

All E-Series switches and the 24-port L-series switch also feature 100/1000 Mbps SFP slots for site-to-site fiber links.

The switches can be mounted on a desktop, wall or rack with the mounting kit that’s included. You can even select the appropriate power cable for your region: US, EU, UK and AU.

Ideal for nearly any business environment

Beyond office-based organizations, Datto’s networking switches are an ideal solution for businesses in multiple industries. The easy deployments, scalability and cloud-based management make the switches a good fit across numerous verticals, including:

  • Hospitality
  • Finance
  • Healthcare
  • Housing
  • Retails
  • Food & beverage

A cost-effective solution

The cloud management and technical capabilities of Datto’s switching technologies ultimately translate into cost savings. This is what makes them so attractive to businesses and especially over-strapped IT departments. The speed of deployment alone, compared to conventional network built-outs, can add up to a significant savings. And with the ability to manage the network from the cloud and quickly resolve issues, IT teams can free up time to focus on other important priorities.

This isn’t to say you need to rip out all your existing network infrastructure if everything is working fine. But if you’re preparing to scale a network, add WiFi, add/improve VoIP service, open up a new location or simple replace older tech, then it’s probably a good time to look at Datto’s network switches.

How to add a Datto network switch

Just how easy is it to add a switch to your network? It’s literally as simple as plugging it in.

Here are the steps:

  • Log in to the Datto portal and select the network that you’re adding the switch to
  • Select Manage > Switches > Add New to add the switch
  • Enter the name, model, and MAC address
  • After you connect the switch to power and Internet, Datto will automatically configure the switch and start reporting status within a few minutes

You can even begin configuring the switch before it checks in. Go to Manage > Switches.

Datto notes that switches check in at five-minute intervals or as settings are changed. So after cable is connected or disconnected, it may take a few minutes for the status to update.

Take a closer look

For more information on Datto’s switches, networking solutions or business continuity technologies, contact our experts at Invenio IT. We’re happy to discuss your unique needs and answer any questions you have. Request a free demo or get in touch by calling (646) 395-1170 or by emailing

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