The shocking truth behind the LinkedIn data breach

by May 26, 2016Security

What’s going on with the LinkedIN data breach?

Well, it has been about 4 years since the hack occurred. . .and 10 days since the news of the LinkedIn data breach resurfaced and LinkedIn is finally breaking their silence and offering an explanation with an email issued to users titled “Important information about your LinkedIn account” . However, do not expect the update to be very helpful or insightful. It short, the communication admits they were hacked and are working with law enforcement to learn more. . .yada, yada. If you are looking for more information on their cold and calculated response, click here.

That said, I am at all surprised that LinkedIn was hacked–or at the way the debacle has been handled. Are you? Cutting edge media and entertainment companies as well as the US government have been hacked.

LinkedIn is dated and frumpy and I would expect nothing more of their security measures. If you take a look at other social media platforms, they evolve to stay relevant; they reinvent themselves; they add functionality and improve the user experience. But not LinkedIn. They are the living dinosaur of social media. I say living since somehow they are still THE place for professionals to connect (and yes, I am posting this to LinkedIn), yet it is a terrible platform that seems almost intentionally difficult to navigate—and forget having a question and trying to get in touch with someone over there (but I digress). It’s like they don’t see a value in investing to make LinkedIn a more user-friendly experience, when they know they own the professional market.

And, I close with a prime example of LinkedIn being behind the technological times and disregarding the user experience. Below is the final line of the email I received regarding the LinkedIn data breach:

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Trust & Safety team at To learn more visit our official blog

As you will notice, they direct all questions to an email without a hyperlink and tell me to go search the web for their blog. Perhaps, they really don’t want to hear our questions or complaints after all.

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