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Get Datto SIRIS Universal Database Support For Your Business

When you decided to make the big move from being an employee to being an employer, you probably did it because you were confident in your field of expertise.  You had a lot of contacts in the business, and were sure that you would be able to find clients and get the work done in a quality manner.  If so, you are like most small business owners across the country.   But, like every business owner knows, there is more to running your business than the things you know about your own industry.   You need to get insurance, and wire the phones, and get the accounting done, and you need someone to take care of your IT needs.  These are important parts of your business that need special attention.

We can help.

One of the most important elements of any business is the information that is generated and stored on our computers.    When a server goes down, it can mean days or weeks worth of data is not available.  This can be disastrous for a business and all efforts need to be done to guard against loosing data. Our Datto SIRIS Universal Database Support are designed to protect your data from unexpected issues.

The Datto SIRIS Backup Systems are easily managed through a simple web interface that includes scheduling and reporting options.  The backup works with your entire system, including MySQL, Microsoft SQL, Microsoft Exchange, Oracle and others.  You know its working, because the backups are verified, and a screenshot is displayed to indicate the backup has been completed.   These systems are robust, saving the data then replicating it off-site.   Off site storage also means that in a catastrophic event, such as a fire, your data remains secure.

Contact us and we can work with you to safeguard your data and help put your mind at ease with a Datto SIRIS system.

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