SMB Business Continuity Services

Enterprise services specifically for the small business

Data loss is inevitable

20% of all companies will suffer fire, theft, flood, storm damage, power failures, hardware or software disaster this year

Companies without a plan fail

80% of companies without a business continuity plan will go out of business within 13 months

Disaster threats are increasing

Companies are at an increasing risk from natural disasters, competitive espionage, human error, and power grid failures

Data is critical to your success

You realize that data loss can happen at any time, and your business depends on this data. Protecting your data is key to your future success

You can’t always control what life throws at you,

 but you can be ready when it does

Top 3 Requirements of Business Continuity Services

Don’t settle for anything less in your disaster recovery & business continuity plan

number 1Upgrade to Hybrid Cloud Technology

If you’re a business that needs their data, there is only one way to protect it. Hybrid cloud technology. It provides unparalleled redundancy that guarantees efficient and reliable backup. Since physical devices are automatically mirrored in the cloud, recovery time is virtually eliminated, meaning no more costly downtime for you or your clients.

hybrid cloud backup
instant virtualization

number 2Get Instant Virtualization

You can now recover your data in seconds. Backups of physical devices can be virtualized and started locally or remotely to keep you and your business up and running without interruption, no matter what. Business continuity has never been this easy, reliable or fast.

number 3Invest in Screenshot Backup Verification

It takes backup monitoring to the next level with automatic validation of backups to ensure their integrity. After backing up, SBV will virtualize and test-boot servers using patented technology to ensure there aren’t any concerns with the data. No more, guessing—rest easy knowing your data and business are safe.

What Our Clients Are Saying About Invenio IT

I am very pleased with the Datto SIRIS and support offered by Invenio IT. The professionalism and speedy response to all of my questions and issues have been handled impeccably. I would highly recommend their services.

William Porche

Aurobindo Pharma

Quick response and great customer relationship. We have been working with Invenio for over six years and it has been good results all around. Keep up the good work.

Date Kouy

Lowell Community Health Center

Invenio IT continues to provide our organization with excellent technology service and has done so, without fail, for the past six years. More, they will prove to be a reliable and responsive technology servicer for the life of your business.

Jason Blair

Pediatric Home Service