DattoCon 16 is going to be epic . . . just 232 days to go!

by Oct 27, 2015Business Continuity

DattoCon 2015 was in NoLa–can it get any better?

After an incredibly informative, productive and fun DattoCon last June in New Orleans, I was wondering how, will or even can the 2016 conference compare? As a quick recap, there was huge product news like the launch of the image-based Linux Agent, Office 365 backup as well as the announcement of the ownCloud partnership and last, but certainly not least, the exciting DNA router that miraculously eliminates downtime, even when the other technology around you fails (learn more about the Datto DNA). And, as the cherry on the sundae, we were escorted down the streets of New Orleans to our VIP party by a full-on marching band (see pics below). From what I remember, it was a very good time 😉

datto con marching banddattocon party



Anyway, you can understand why one would be concerned that DattoCon ’16 could not compare–but it turns out that it is stacking up to be legendary. Not only do I hear there will be very exciting product announcements that will help Datto and its partners continue to dominate the business continuity category, but the event is being held in Nashville. I do love some good BBQ and Honky Tonk. However, there is more. Steve Wozniak will be the 2016 Keynote speaker, making the fourth annual event a must attend for anyone in the field.

Being that Austin McChord, the Founder and CEO of Datto, is often referred to as the “Steve (Jobs) of Disaster Recovery” and Apple and Datto appear to share core brand values, Wozniak is the absolute perfect choice to keynote the event. He is one of the world’s leading thinkers and I cannot wait to hear what he has to say. And, I’m not the only one excited:

“DattoCon gets better every year, and in 2016 we will not only provide content that helps IT professionals get ahead in their careers, but also inspires,” said Austin McChord, CEO of Datto. “Steve Wozniak is an inspirational leader in the technology industry and attendees will undoubtedly benefit from Steve’s wisdom.”

That said, we have RSVP’d “YES!”, and are counting down the days until DattoCon 16–it is sure to be, wait for it. . .legendary. Hope to see ya’ll there.

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