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By working with a Datto partner like Invenio IT, you can have peace of mind knowing that your organization is protected by the best data-backup technologies in the industry. But also, you’ll be supported by skilled IT professionals who are experts on those systems and can provide the individualized guidance and continuity management your business needs.

But let’s step back for a minute to explain what all this means (and especially: what it means for you).

Why do we offer Datto instead of other BCDR solutions?

Datto provides fully integrated business continuity solutions for businesses. Founded in 2007, it has become an industry leader because of its all-in-one hybrid cloud backup systems, including the Datto SIRIS and ALTO. These systems combine on-site backups with cloud storage and recovery in a fully unified system.

Today, Datto is considered one of the best disaster recovery platforms on the market. It has several unique differentiators that make its backups more dependable and secure, including Datto’s Inverse Chain Technology, virtualized recovery options and built-in ransomware detection (more on this in a minute).

And, since Datto’s systems are fully integrated, there’s no need to configure disparate clouds. Thus, the ease of deployment and simplified management are also major advantages with Datto.

Compared to other backup systems on the market, Datto is way ahead of the game. (And yes, we’ve evaluated them all.) Simply put, Datto offers the best data protection for today’s businesses. And, since data protection is our specialty at Invenio IT, becoming a Datto Partner was an easy choice.

What is a Datto Partner?

Datto Partners are specialized IT providers who are experts on Datto’s backup products and are authorized by Datto to sell those systems to organizations. Datto products are sold exclusively through these partners, who must meet specific requirements to join the Partner Program.

As such, Datto Partners have greater knowledge of and experience with Datto products than any IT provider. They are the direct liaison between Datto and the end users who depend on Datto’s solutions to protect their data and avoid operational downtime.

Why is there a Datto Partner Program in the first place?

  • For Datto, the Partner Program provides greater control over how its products are deployed around the world. It ensures that only skilled IT providers (also referred to as managed-service providers or MSPs) can sell, market and manage the products. This allows Datto to place greater focus on building and improving its BCDR solutions while also equipping its partners with the tools they need to bring those solutions to more businesses that need them.
  • For customers, the Datto Partner Program provides exclusive access to Datto’s products, while ensuring that those systems are properly deployed and managed by true Datto experts. Organizations can rely on Datto Partners for all stages of deployment, backup management, recovery and support. The only way to deploy Datto is by working with a Datto Partner. But more than that, using a Datto Partner provides peace of mind that you’re dealing with professionals.

Are all Datto Partners the same?

No. Each Datto Partner is an independent IT provider with its own client base, background, skill level and experience. While you can depend on all Datto Partners to provide the same quality solutions that Datto offers and to have the core training and credentials that Datto requires of all its MSPs, each partner is ultimately unique.

Why does this matter?

Once you’ve determined that Datto is the best data backup solution for your business, it’s a good idea to be selective about your Datto Partner. Choosing an experienced Datto Partner (particularly one that specializes in data protection) provides the added assurance that you’re partnering with the best experts. This translates into smoother deployments, as well as greater skill and expertise when it matters most, such as during a major data-loss incident.

There are a few ways to identify an experienced Datto Partner, as we outline below. But one clue to look for is the MSP’s tier level on Datto Partner Program. Here’s what this means …

What are the different Datto Partner levels?

The Datto Global Partner program is comprised of different tiers that indicate the success of its partners. The tiers are largely an internal designation that incentivizes partners to sell more Datto solutions and move up to higher tiers for access to greater resources and perks from Datto. But since the tiers reflect the sales performance of partners, prospective customers can also use these designations to identify the best of the best.

After all, greater sales of Datto products ultimately means the partner has built a larger client base and thus has more experience with Datto’s products. A larger client base is usually also a good sign that the MSP provides greater service and support, across the board.

The Datto Partner Program consists of the following tiers:

  • Silver: Over $1,000 in sales volume
  • Gold: Over $25,000 in sales volume
  • Platinum: Over $100,000 in sales volume
  • Blue Diamond: $250,000 in sales volume

The Partner Program has evolved over the years, along with the names and criteria of the different tiers. In previous years, some of the levels were identified as “Registered,” “Authorized,” “Premier” and “Elite.” Other level names have included “Business,” “Professional” and “Enterprise.”

What does it mean that Invenio IT is a Datto Blue Diamond Partner?

As of 2020, there were more than 17,000 MSPs in the Datto Partner program. Historically, the majority of Datto Partners (roughly half) fall into the Silver tier, naturally because it is the most attainable level. Thus, the top level – Blue Diamond – is a particularly high bar to meet and represents the best partners in the program. Typically, only about 2% of Datto Partners are Blue Diamond Partners, signifying their exceptional performance and experience with Datto’s BCDR solutions.

At Invenio IT, we’re enormously proud to be one of the few Blue Diamond providers in the Datto Partner Program.

This designation is a testament to our dedication to our clients, who represent businesses of all sizes, across multiple industries and continents. We understand the unique IT challenges that today’s businesses face, especially in the age of ransomware. Every day brings new threats that put your data at risk: malware, human error, hardware failure, natural disasters and more. Our role is providing dependable BCDR solutions that keep your data safe and eliminate downtime. (As our motto says, “Your data is your business. Protecting it is ours.”)

Unlike many other Datto Partners, we specialize in data protection. It’s all we do, 365 days a year. This specialization provides our clients with the assurance they’re getting the best backup expertise in the industry, without needing to overhaul their existing infrastructure or partnerships with other IT vendors.

Why do we love being a ‘Blue’ Datto Partner?

Over the past decade, Datto has established itself as a truly innovative provider of backup, recovery and business continuity solutions. Today, Datto’s solutions protect more than 5 million businesses worldwide, including small- to medium-sized businesses, as well as Fortune 500 companies. Datto’s 160+ PB purpose-built cloud and family of software and hardware devices provide total data protection, wherever that data lives.

At Invenio IT, we are a Datto Partner because Datto shares in our vision to provide the best-in-class solutions for intelligent business continuity. Datto offers superior technology, helping us keep businesses like yours running, no matter what natural or man-made disaster comes your way.

These days, there are many different BCDR options on the market to choose from. The good news is we’ve already evaluated them all for you. We recommend Datto to our clients because it is the best backup solution available today, hands down. By combining Datto’s solutions with our expertise at Invenio IT, you’re getting unparalleled data protection.

Here’s a closer look at some of the innovative and proprietary technologies that we love about Datto’s BCDR solutions:

  • Instant Virtualization: Datto enables you to boot backups as virtual machines (locally or in the cloud). This gives you instant access to your protected data and applications, so your business can keep running.
  • Inverse Chain Technology: Unlike traditional incremental backups, which are notorious for failure during rebuilds, each recovery point in Datto’s backups is stored in a fully constructed state. There is no dependency on the chain. This makes backups far more resilient, as well as faster and more efficient.
  • Backup Verification: Backups are tested automatically to ensure they are viable and that applications are accessible.
  • Ransomware Detection: Each backup is automatically scanned for ransomware, enabling businesses to take action at the first sign of infection.
  • Backup Insights: Restoring lost files takes just a few clicks. Datto’s Backup Insights tool quickly identifies file and application changes between any two backup points.
  • Rapid Rollback: In cases of widespread unwanted changes, Datto enables you to quickly restore only the affected files, without needing to reimage the entire machine.
  • Georedundant Cloud: In addition to on-site backup storage, backups are stored in the immutable Datto Cloud, which is comprised of geographically diverse data centers for maximum protection. Additionally, backups are encrypted in transit and in the cloud.

How to choose a Datto Partner

We understand you have options when it comes to choosing a Datto Partner. So let’s look at a few other ways to identify the right IT experts for your needs. Aside from the Datto Partner’s tier level, here are some things to consider as you evaluate different providers:

  • Track record: How long has the IT provider been in business? How long have they been providing Datto products? Most importantly: what is their track record for helping other businesses maintain continuity in the face of data-loss incidents? Do they have case studies you can review? How about reviews, ratings and referrals from its clients?
  • Experience with businesses like yours: Does the partner have clients in your industry? This is an important concern since some industries have very specific needs. For example, industries like healthcare and financial services require the highest levels of data protection, not just to keep their customers’ sensitive information safe, but also to stay in compliance with federal regulations. Ask the Datto Partner to elaborate on its experience with companies that are similar in size, needs, objectives and industry.
  • Access to support: If your Datto Partner will be managing your backup and recovery, then you need to make sure they’ll be available when you need them. What happens in an emergency? How quickly can you get support? What is their protocol for disaster recovery situations? Datto itself provides 24/7 support to its partners, but that doesn’t mean your partner offers the same 24-hour access, so be sure to ask.
  • Specialization in data protection: Does the provider specialize in BCDR, or is it just one of many other IT services they offer? As a rule of thumb, when it comes to data protection, it’s best to work with skilled specialists who are intimately familiar with backup, business continuity and disaster recovery.
  • Familiarity with various Datto products: Keep in mind that Datto’s BCDR solutions—namely SIRIS and ALTO—are just two of the many different product offerings available. Datto also provides SaaS backup for Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace, as well as networking solutions, a file-sync and share platform, endpoint backup software and others. Look for a Datto Partner that is well-versed with all of these offerings, so that you can easily add and integrate products according to your needs with zero friction or confusion.

What are the benefits of working with a Datto Partner?

  • Exclusivity: The only way to get Datto’s products is through an authorized Datto partner. Datto’s solutions are exclusively sold through its private network of 17,000 managed-service providers, who must meet specific criteria to remain in the program.
  • Knowledge: Datto Partners are experts on Datto’s products. They have in-depth knowledge and experience with Datto’s backup solutions, and they can tailor these solutions to the needs of each organization (more on this in a minute). Datto Partners are technically proficient, ensuring smooth deployment and seamless management. This expertise ultimately translates into stronger protection for your data.
  • Customization: Remember, solutions like the Datto SIRIS and ALTO are available in numerous sizes and models to accommodate the specific needs of each company. Datto Partners can customize the deployment and configuration to meet your unique continuity objectives, including backup frequency, retention policies, backup storage and recovery options.
  • Cost efficiency: Since Datto Partners tailor Datto’s BCDR solutions for each client, they ensure that the appliance is properly sized according to need and budget. This ensures that businesses never spend more than they need to, while still being protected by the best backup in the industry.
  • Guidance & support: We mentioned the importance of support above because it’s crucial that your IT provider is able to provide quick, competent help in an emergency. But what about the times when you simply need advice? What if you have questions about the best practices for backup? Datto Partners are your trusted resource for personalized IT guidance – not only in urgent situations but also whenever you need assistance or answers of any kind.
  • Peace of mind: Datto Partners give you peace of mind knowing that your data is protected by the best technology and the best experts. Whether you’re an IT director or business owner, you know that this peace of mind is invaluable. In this ever-frightening age of ransomware, you can rest easy with the assurance that your systems will be recoverable no matter what lies ahead.

What is the future of Datto’s Partner Program?

The Datto Partner Program has evolved over the years, and so it will likely continue to do so in the years ahead. In 2023, Datto’s parent company, Kaseya, consolidated its own partner program with Datto’s, so that sales of other Kaseya solutions can now be counted toward the tier levels.

To accommodate this change, Kaseya is already considering making changes to its tiers, including the addition of a new ultra-elite level. In a 2023 press release, Dan Tomaszewski, an EVP at Kaseya, said: “We’re going to continue innovating the program, bringing our partners things they’ve asked for – including a new tier, even higher than Blue Diamond.”

A new high tier will help to further differentiate the best and most experienced partners in the program, so we’re excited to see this rollout in the months ahead.


Datto Partners are your resource for Datto products, expertise and support. As such, it’s important to choose a partner that has the experience and knowledge your business needs to avoid data loss and eliminate operational disruptions. At Invenio IT, we are proud to be a Blue Diamond Datto Partner – the highest level attainable in the partner program – because it signifies how hard we work to protect our clients’ data (and their businesses).

All of the Datto products we offer are built with scalable storage options, predictable monthly pricing and 24/7/365 in-house, US-based technical support. We are specialists in data protection who can work within your existing infrastructure (and existing IT vendor partnerships) to safeguard your systems, eliminate downtime and ensure business continuity.

If you’re evaluating different Datto Partners, we invite you to learn more about us at Invenio IT, our clients and our track record to see our approach to protecting businesses like yours.

Contact us today by calling (646) 395-1170 or by emailing If you’re ready to take a closer look at Datto’s innovative BCDR solutions, request a free demo and we’ll be in touch shortly.

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