Datto vs Intronis: the battle to be the legitimate # 1

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Datto vs Intronis. Know the pros and cons.

Datto vs Intronis: how do they compare? Datto represents a modern evolution in data protection, redundancy protection and recovery. Their unique two-layer approach advances the benefits and capabilities of business continuity light years from the days of backup tapes. Old, traditional file-by-file copying often lost relational data links. Instead, Datto’s approach uses system imaging. This difference maps all of the data relationships that exist at every virtual and transport level. Doing so increases the accuracy of the backup copy and it improves the recovery time needed to restore a drive from the backup resources made. The Datto approach also boosts flexibility of accessing and starting the data platform on virtual servers as well.

Datto vs Intronis Comparison

Datto frequently sees peer matchups with systems like Intronis for example. Intronis utilizes a cloud backup procedure to ensure data recovery. Their model creates a backup copy via Internet channels for both physical and virtual machines (nodes). Similar to the same updating and syncing approach that one realizes in tools like Dropbox, Intronis relies on identification of the target files and drives as well as a constant connection to keep confirming sync status. It is a flexible platform that appeals to companies, individual consultants and contracted managed service providers. The big draws include scalability and remote cloud support. Their package also benefits from a lower cost of operation due to no physical hardware being used.

Intronis’ tools allow a range of backup choices. These vary from basic file and folder copying to physical driving imaging and mirror duplication of entire virtual environment. The scope of coverage really depends on how much protection a client wants on their company side. With module pricing Intronis users can change up or down the size of the service to better match the demand of their operations.

Why Datto Does More

The difference between Datto and a basic cloud-only provider like Intronis used to be Datto’s hybrid format approach. Instead of just depending solely on an Internet connection for throughput and protection, Datto’s model uses on-site hardware for the initial backup production and then doubles the redundancy with the provider’s cloud resources as well. That ensures immediate backup protection onsite as well as remote redundancy copying on a cloud platform. Datto resources can then be accessed from anywhere a client has an Internet connection. All data transferred moves with the connection of an identification key pairing model. The key pairing starts at the local level and continues to cloud resources through a secure VPN tunnel channel. Additional encryption protection can be added as well during both phases. The management of this system displays on a highly straightforward dashboard user interface. The client immediately sees all the key metrics of the Datto system installed and updated in real time.

Intronis began using a hybrid cloud approach with the company’s 2015 release of its Intronis ECHOplatform. So while Intronis can now argue similar benefits in backup, it is very new to the game. Datto has far more time in and experience in cloud hybrid backup systems, and that experience can make a difference in quality of service.

Finding Out More

So yes, a company could rely on a cloud model for redundancy support, low cost and backup protection. However, the cloud alone frequently fails to be enough security and performance-wise. Datto takes backing up a step further by provided two layers of protection instead one virtual layer of redundancy in a Datto vs Intronis comparison. To find out specifically how Datto’s tools can be custom-configured to your business’ needs for data protection and continuity please connect with us at Invenio IT by email or phone. Our expert customer specialists can easily provide multiple examples of Datto in action with all types of companies.

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