‘Help!’ How to Get the Best Datto Tech Support 24/7/365

by | Jul 25, 2017

When something goes wrong with your BCDR systems, you need to get help ASAP. If your in-house teams are unable to resolve the problems themselves, it’s critical that they have access to knowledgeable support technicians, regardless of the time of day. Thankfully, Datto Tech Support is available 24/7/365 to you and the MSPs that manage your business continuity technologies.

Datto’s got tech support down to a science. But the same can’t be said for every technology provider. So today, I want to take a closer look at what makes Datto Tech Support unique and how to get support if you need help right now.

Datto Tech Support Contact Information

Your new intern just lodged a hockey puck into your SIRIS. The device has gone haywire, and you can’t seem to reach the Datto Cloud either. What do you do?

In most cases, your best option is to contact your MSP. I’ll have more to say on that below, but in a nutshell: your MSP will have intimate knowledge of your infrastructure and can thus troubleshoot problems much faster.

But let’s say it’s 4 a.m. and your usual tech guys are on a cruise boat to the Bahamas. In that case, there’s no harm in contacting Datto.

While it’s ideal to contact your MSP, the folks at Datto are extensively trained to assist any Datto user, whether it’s your own IT team or your managed service provider.

So, back to your hockey puck mishap … Before you freak out, here’s how to reach Datto Tech Support right now:

If you’re outside the U.S., there are several other tech support lines you can call, depending on where you’re located. Check out Datto’s contact page for the full list. And if you’re unsure, just email them at the address above.

Why Contact Your MSP First?

In an IT emergency, it’s not unusual for a company to want to reach out to Datto directly, especially if a non-IT person is managing the situation. (“I know we use Datto. Let’s call Datto.”) But in the majority of cases, your best bet is contacting your managed service provider – the people who you’re already paying to manage your data-protection solutions.

Here’s why contacting your MSP is important:

  • Your MSP knows you, your business and your IT environment. They have a far deeper understanding of your network infrastructure, your hardware and the software running on it.
  • In other words: they are familiar with the exact conditions in which your Datto appliances and/or DRaaS solutions operate. This knowledge is crucial to a speedy resolution of the problems you’re experiencing.
  • A skilled Datto support technician can of course gather all the necessary information for resolving your problem. But that will require extra time that you probably don’t have. Your MSP will already have that information and may know the solution before you’ve even finished explaining the problem.
  • Your MSP is also well acquainted with the most common errors and known issues that could be affecting your systems. (That probably doesn’t specifically include a hockey pock lodged into the backup device, but it could include known issues caused by physical damage to Datto’s hardware, for example.)
  • Your MSP may not always have the answer immediately, but they can get it—probably much faster that you can—by contacting Datto tech support themselves. Datto’s support teams, which the company refers to as Direct to Tech™, are trained extensively to support the MSPs who manage Datto’s products for their clients.
  • In addition to Datto’s extensive Knowledge Base for common issues and education, MSP partners have access to an additional trouble ticket system for contacting support technicians. Your MSP will have a lot of the highly specific information about your Datto device, like serial numbers, that you may not have access to.
  • Depending on what level of service you receive from your MSP, your MSP may already know about issues you’re having, before you even contact them, and they may already be working on a solution.

So the next time you need tech support related to your Datto product, just give your MSP a buzz. They’ll know what to do.

The Importance of Good Tech Support

Here’s the thing about tech support: at some point, you’re going to need it. And when you do, you’re going to want to be able to reach someone who can help you—right away.

The problem is that far too many tech companies are falling short in this area. They’re not investing enough in their support teams, which ultimately results in horrific customer service.

We all have our horror stories of bad support calls:

  • Waiting hours to hear back from a support technician, no matter which contact method you try.
  • Dealing with support people who are based overseas and seem to have only a barebones understanding of the technologies they’re supposed to be supporting.
  • Receiving bad advice that does nothing to resolve your problem or makes the problem even worse.

These scenarios are awful in any industry, but in business continuity, they’re nightmares. In our industry, every second counts. Companies invest in dependable business continuity solutions to keep their businesses running after a disruption. But if there’s no one competent to support the technology when things go awry, then what good is the technology at all?

You shouldn’t have to adjust your RTO to account for the slow response you’ll get from tech support! So it’s in your best interest to use technology providers whose tech support is as dependable as the tech itself.

What’s Makes Datto Support So Great?

So, let’s take a look at what Datto is doing differently.

A huge part of the reason why MSPs can provide you with ultra-fast support is that Datto is providing phenomenal support to them.

Datto’s support is among the best in the tech industry, and I can vouch for this because I’ve relied on them numerous times myself. Every person I’ve ever dealt with, over email or phone, has been a pro. The technicians have the knowledge to promptly address and resolve each problem, and they remain friendly and courteous as they do it, which is always appreciated.

How do they do it? Here’s what we know about Datto’s tech support.

  • What started with one person is now a global support operation.
    Datto’s products are used by tens of thousands of companies across the globe. So it’s no surprise that its diverse support team has grown into a global operation with skilled technicians on call in virtually every corner of the world.But it wasn’t always that way. In an old executive brief from Datto, the company revealed its humble beginnings, when founder Austin McChord was essentially running a one-man show: “[Support] originated as just one person; one CEO who answered the support line with a different persona. His policy of being very understanding and helpful to the partner has stayed with the company.”
  • Available 24/7/365
    It doesn’t matter what time it is or whether it’s a national holiday. If you or your MSP needs support, Datto’s got your back. Their support operations literally never close—technicians are available, live, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • No outsourced call centers
    Outsourced call centers are often the cause of the most common failures in tech support. While they may save money for some tech providers, Datto hasn’t gone that route. Their tech teams are completely in-house. And when you call, you actually reach someone. No frustrating phone menus. No IVR.
  • Extensively trained technicians
    Datto says its tech support personnel undergo an intensive month-long training program that begins on their first day, and it doesn’t stop there. Technicians continue to receive ongoing training and earn certifications to expand their knowledge.
  • Support in your language
    Datto helps its MSP partners support their customers around the globe by offering support in a variety of languages, including English, French, Spanish and German.
  • An approach that goes beyond quick fixes
    Datto has said that it considers every single support ticket as part of a larger process to preventing future issues: “The goal is not simply to solve the issue at hand, but to work with the [MSP] to avoid the issue from recurring.”
  • Truly quick resolution time
    A 2015 Datto video includes a great story from one of its support technicians. Late one night, a customer called support with an emergency, telling the tech, “We’re going to have to make this quick.” The ceiling tiles were in flames and falling down on the customer. To make matters worse, the customer had only 20 minutes of battery life on his laptop. The Datto technician didn’t miss a beat: “We virtualized the cloud VM for him and hooked up VLANs and got everything running.” Problem solved with time to spare.

I’m not sure how often Datto receives calls from customers inside burning buildings, but I do know that their speedy resolution is not limited to those situations—their support teams work fast to resolve every issue.

Datto’s VIP Support  

Datto understands that some of its MSP partners will naturally have more clients and greater data-protection needs than others. Thus, these MSPs are more likely to also have greater tech support needs.

For these MSPs—known as Datto’s Blue Partners (who represent the top 5% of the entire Datto community)—Datto offers what it calls VIP Support. This includes a dedicated Datto technician and a private support phone line, exclusively for each of these MSPs.

Does that mean you’re going to receive a lower quality of support if your MSP is not a Blue Partner? No, not at all. It just means that Datto Blue Partners, like Invenio IT, will have direct access to the same technician, so that they’re better-equipped to handle the larger support needs of their clients. It’s yet another way that Datto is taking the customer experience to the next level.

Get your questions answered 

If you have questions about Datto, its tech support or its array of business-continuity solutions, we’re here to help. Contact our data-protection experts at Invenio IT by calling (646) 395-1170, or email us at success@invenioIT.com.

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Dale Shulmistra is a Business Continuity Specialist at Invenio IT, responsible for shaping the company’s technology initiatives -- selecting, designing, implementing & supporting business continuity solutions to bolster client operational efficiencies and eliminate downtime.

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