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Datto Global Partner Program

Working with a Datto Partner is the only way to equip your organization with Datto’s award-winning data backup and business continuity solutions.

But Datto Partners don’t merely sell Datto products. These partners are an invaluable resource for information and expertise on Datto’s solutions. They are the direct liaison between Datto and your organization, helping with every aspect of the deployment, including ongoing system management, support, disaster recovery processes and so much more.

At Invenio IT, we’re proud to be one of the few top-tier Blue Diamond Datto Partners – out of more than 17,000 partners in the Datto Global Partner Program.

But what exactly does this mean, and how does your organization benefit?

Here’s everything you need to know.

What is a Datto Partner?

A Datto Partner is a specialized IT provider that is approved to sell and manage Datto solutions. A Datto Partner helps an organization choose the right business continuity solution for their needs and assists with deployment, ongoing management and disaster recovery.

Datto is a channel-only BCDR provider. This means that its products are available exclusively through a network of managed-service providers (MSPs) that have been selectively authorized by Datto.

What are the benefits of working with a Datto Partner?

Working with a Datto Partner ensures you have direct access to a true Datto expert.

Because of the exclusivity of the Datto Global Partner Program, Datto Partners have a higher level of knowledge, skill and experience with Datto’s products. To join (and stay in) the program, they must meet specific criteria for technical competency and expertise on Datto’s technologies.

This has several benefits for organizations:

  • Datto expertise: Nobody knows Datto’s products better than Datto Partners. They are the best resource for up-to-date information on Datto’s solutions, from technical specs to recovery protocols.
  • Needs assessments: A Datto Partner can help identify the right Datto solution(s) based on the organization’s specific needs, objectives and IT environment.
  • Competent deployment: Datto Partners ensure that your backup solution is properly installed and configured, including any on-premises hardware, backup agents/software and storage in the immutable Datto Cloud.
  • Support: Datto Partners are your direct line of support for any questions or technical issues related to your Datto solutions.
  • Technical skill: Partners must meet specific criteria for technical skill to advance in the Global Datto Partner Program, ensuring that organizations receive the best IT expertise.
  • Disaster recovery: In a disaster, when every second counts, your Datto Partner helps you restore your data, so you can get back to business with minimal disruption. Partners are deeply familiar with Datto’s numerous recovery options and know which methods to use for the fastest recovery in each situation.

What are the benefits of the Datto Global Partner Program for partners?

Datto sets up its partners for success, because this ultimately benefits the organizations who use Datto’s solutions.

As such, Datto Partners are incentivized to maximize their expertise and bring Datto’s data protection to more organizations that need it.

To help partners achieve this mission, the Datto Global Partner Program offers several benefits for partners:

  • Interactive learning programs
  • Training certifications
  • Comprehensive product Knowledge Base
  • Marketing tools
  • Co-branded product materials
  • Dedicated Datto support, 24/7/365

Below, we return to some of these benefits to illustrate the impact they have on Datto Partners and on the organizations who use Datto’s products. But first, let’s step back to explore how Datto’s Partner Program has evolved over the past several years.

How has Datto’s Partner Program changed?

Datto has used a partner program to distribute its products for over a decade. But a lot has changed since the program was launched, especially after the revamped Datto Global Partner Program was unveiled in 2017.

For one, the landscape of BCDR has evolved significantly over the past several years.


The focus at Datto, as well as for its partners and end-users, has shifted away from simply “backup” to achieving true business continuity. In Datto’s early days, its products revolutionized data backup with an innovative method called Inverse Chain Technology. But this was just one component of a much larger objective: helping businesses rapidly recover from data-loss incidents and minimize the impact on operations.

What does this mean for the partner program?

It means the way the program is designed has needed to change as well. The means to qualify, the structure, as well as the benefits of the program have all changed. Let’s take a look.

How is the Datto Partner Program structured?

Early on, the Partner Program was based on cloud storage. Partners’ success was measured by how much data their clients backed up and stored on the Datto Cloud. In theory, a larger volume of cloud storage meant that a Datto Partner was helping more organizations benefit from Datto’s data protection. In turn, the partner would advance to a higher level in the program to access greater benefits.

But as we all know, Datto’s solutions now extend far beyond backup and terabytes. For example, while Datto Networking products can play a role in business continuity, these products do not involve data storage.

As such, Datto changed the structure of its Partner Program to focus on sales volume and annual recurring revenue (ARR).

What are the levels of the Datto Partner Program?

MSPs in the Datto Global Partner Program are placed in different tiers, which help to indicate the overall success of each partner. After Kaseya acquired Datto in 2022, it replicated the Datto Partner Program across its entire portfolio of IT solutions. This enabled partners to advance to different program tiers for selling not only Datto solutions but any other Kaseya product.

The Datto Partner Program consists of the following levels:

  • Silver: Up to $24,999 in ARR of Datto and Kaseya products
  • Gold: Over $25,000 in ARR of Datto and Kaseya products
  • Platinum: Over $100,000 in ARR of Datto and Kaseya products
  • Blue Diamond: Over $250,000 in ARR of Datto and Kaseya products

Why should an organization care about these program tiers?

The levels of Datto’s Partner Program provide a handy tool for identifying the best and most experienced providers. While it’s true that partners with greater sales volume get access to more perks from Datto, it’s also advantageous for clients to choose a Datto Partner that has the skills and expertise to deliver the robust data protection their organizations require.

Again, as we hinted above, more perks for Datto Partners ultimately benefit the organizations that use Datto’s products.

As Kaseya explains: “The Kaseya+Datto Global Partner Program is our way of investing in [partners’] success by providing access to the very best solutions, resources, and training. The program rewards [partners’] growth and loyalty through a tiered structure loaded with exclusive offers and perks, unparalleled support and coaching, and relevant training and events.”

Datto Global Partner Program Benefits

Example benefits of the Datto Partner Program

The “offers and perks” that Kaseya mentions have evolved over the years, but the underlying goal of the program hasn’t changed much. Datto equips its partners with numerous resources to bring Datto’s data-protection solutions to organizations that need it.

Some examples:

  • Marketing: All partners have access to a marketing automation platform to help facilitate sales. This helps partners grow, even for lower-level MSPs that are not currently dedicating resources to marketing for various reasons.
  • Benchmark analyses: Over the years Datto has also interviewed top performers about their strategies and shared these “playbooks” with other partners so they can mirror their success. This has included benchmark analyses that compared a given MSP’s habits against those of the more successful partners to identify opportunity areas.
  • Events & certifications: Partners typically also can earn passes to various industry events, as well as discounts to annual industry memberships and advanced certifications. Additionally, Datto’s Not For Resale (NFR) program provides discounts on Datto’s products that increase as a partner goes up in tiers.
  • Advanced training and rewards: A lot of valuable, new training programs have also been introduced with the global partner program over the years, as well as special perks like all-expense-paid vacations for the top performers.

Okay, but how does that benefit YOU?

How does a Datto partner’s success translate into the success of an organization that uses Datto’s products?

After all, you just want the best BCDR solution for your business, right?

We get it. Since Invenio IT is a Blue Diamond Datto Partner, we understand the unique challenges and pain points of today’s businesses.

Operational disruptions are more costly than ever. Data loss is occurring every day. The threat of ransomware is ever-present (and maybe your company has already suffered a devastating blow).

Working with a Datto Partner gives you the peace of mind that you’re partnering with a Datto expert who can help your organization overcome all data-loss incidents, from single file deletions to massive ransomware attacks.

So, let’s explore how various partners’ perks ultimately benefit the end users.

Stronger partner marketing = more businesses protected

A Datto Partner gets access to a wide array of marketing tools to help reach more businesses that need better data protection.

These tools can include:

  • Email campaigns
  • Social media campaigns
  • Presentations
  • Co-branded case studies
  • Custom video testimonials
  • Print & digital marketing materials

Sure, these materials primarily help a Datto Partner grow their business. But that’s only part of it.

Stronger marketing helps partners market Datto’s products to the companies that need them most. This is no small feat in the age of ransomware, which is wreaking havoc on a global scale.

Datto’s disaster recovery solutions can be truly transformative for businesses that deploy them, helping to eliminate data-loss nightmares. With better marketing, a Datto Partner can reach more organizations that need to replace their outdated systems with better, more reliable backup technology.

Greater knowledge of Datto = better needs assessments

Datto’s solutions are not one-size-fits-all. There is an extensive line of Datto products, which come in different sizes and options to fit the diverse needs of today’s organizations.

So which solution is the best fit for your business? Your Datto partner has the answer.

Since Datto Partners are equipped with extensive resources on Datto’s systems, they have the knowledge to identify the right backup system for your needs. This is based on a careful assessment of your business, your continuity objectives and your existing infrastructure.

Extensive training = optimal deployment

We mentioned that Datto partners get continuous access to training programs and certification opportunities. This benefits clients tremendously, because it means their Datto Partner is a highly skilled IT professional who is technically proficient in all aspects of BCDR and beyond.

Partners get access to numerous workshops, webinars, classes, boot camps and eLearning programs. All of this helps to ensure that clients’ backup solutions are properly deployed, configured and managed – which is critical for continuity.

Systems like Datto SIRIS and ALTO are inherently easier to deploy than other backup solutions because Datto is a fully unified, all-in-one system. Nonetheless, it’s still important for the system to be deployed correctly within the business’s computing environment. Otherwise, backups may not function properly or may experience issues during a restore.

With a Datto Partner, those concerns are virtually nonexistent. The partner’s extensive training ensures that every deployment is smooth and seamless.

Dedicated support = fast fixes for any issue

Datto provides “direct to tech” support for all its partners around the globe. This means that a Datto Partner has direct access to Datto’s tech support specialists, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

This means that the organizations using Datto’s products can rely on their Datto Partner to resolve issues quickly and competently. End users do not have to contact Datto directly or perform any recoveries themselves if they don’t want to. That’s what their Datto Partner is for.

(In most situations, a Datto Partner can provide support to clients without needing to contact Datto. But if an unexpected challenge arises, Datto’s in-house experts are always on call.)

Then, there’s Blue Diamond – not your average Datto Partner

We mentioned above how Invenio IT is not your average Datto Partner. We’re enormously proud to be one of the few top-tier Blue Diamond Datto Partners. Historically, Blue Diamond is an honor reserved for only the top 2% of Datto Partners around the globe.

So it’s a huge achievement for us. And for our clients, it’s added peace of mind that they’re receiving the highest level of Datto experience, skill and experience.

But it’s even more than that. Being a Blue Diamond Partner means that Invenio IT gets exclusive benefits that enable us to serve our clients even better.

What it means to be a Blue Diamond Datto Partner

We’ve mentioned some of the benefits that all Datto Partners receive. The benefits for Blue partners are even more impressive.

For example, there is a co-marketing budget, which we can leverage to reach more organizations that need Datto’s data protection. (Datto will also help to shoot and edit video commercials for Blue Diamond partners, if they choose to. How cool is that?!)

However, perhaps most importantly, earning Blue Diamond has a major benefit for our current and prospective clients. At Invenio IT, we receive our own dedicated Datto technician, which yields better service with even quicker resolution times to any issues that arise. While all partners get 24/7/365 access to Datto support, we have a dedicated tech who we can depend on to provide fast, seamless support for our clients’ needs.

Additionally, we get access to other training programs that allow us to continue expanding our skill sets and serve our clients even better.


Working with a Datto Partner provides an organization with the assurance that they’re partnering with a true expert who is trained, experienced and knowledgeable on Datto’s products. More than 17,000 partners are in the Datto Global Partner Program, which is divided by levels to indicate the most experienced providers. As a Blue Diamond Datto Partner, Invenio IT is proudly one of the top partners globally, which equips us with exclusive tools and resources to deliver unparalleled service to our clients.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is the Datto Global Partner Program?

The Datto Global Partner Program is a network of IT providers who are authorized to sell and manage Datto solutions around the world. The program provides partners with benefits that allow them to expand their training, reach more businesses that need Datto’s products and serve their clients better.

2. What are the tiers of the Datto partner program?

The Datto Partner program consists of the following tiers based on annual recurring revenue (ARR) from the sale of Datto products: 1) Silver: Up to $24,999 in ARR; 2) Gold: Between $25,000 to $99,999 in ARR; 3) Platinum: Between $100,000 to $249,999 in ARR; and 4) Blue Diamond: More than $250,000 in ARR.

3) How do you choose a Datto Partner?

Choosing a Datto Partner should be based on the specific needs of your organization. When evaluating your options, consider factors such as the partner’s tier level, experience, track record and familiarity with your industry, IT environment and backup needs.

Get the Best Datto Expertise from a Blue Diamond Datto Partner

If you’re looking for an experienced Datto Partner to protect your organization with Datto’s innovative BCDR solutions, contact us today at Invenio IT. We are a top-tier Blue Diamond Datto Partner that can answer your questions and identify the right backup solutions for your needs. Call (646) 395-1170, email or request a free demo of Datto’s solutions.

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