Datto Global Partner Program has a big perk. . .for our Clients

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New Datto Global Partner Program launches. And, it has never felt better to be Blue.

Last week, the new Datto Global Partner Program was unveiled. It has been just four short years since the initial program was introduced—however, since then, a lot has changed. For one, the landscape has evolved and the focus at Datto as well as for its partners and end-users has shifted away from backup to true business continuity.

What does this mean for the program?  It means the way the program is designed needs to change as well. The means to qualify, the structure as well as the benefits of the program have all changed. Let’s take a look.

How will the Datto Global Partner Program be structured?

For starters, the program structure will no longer be based on cloud storage. It will be based on monthly recurring revenue (or MRR) as Datto continues to broaden its Total Data Protection platform by offering solutions that go beyond backup and terabytes. For example, the Datto Networking portfolio of products was just introduced as a means to improve connectivity issues—and while there are monthly fees, there’s no storage.

There will also be more active tiers, providing partners with the room to grow and achieve greater benefits over time. In the new program, there will be four levels: Business (with MRR of $1 – $1,000), Professional (with MRR of $1,001 – $10,000), Enterprise (with MRR of $10,001 -$20,000) and Blue (with MRR over $20,000). While previously, the highest partner level was Elite, Blue is an honor reserved for only the top 2% or approximately 80 partners around the globe—and, of course, Invenio IT is proud to be part of that group!

What are the benefits of the Datto Global Partner Program?

Like with any program, benefits are unlocked as your monthly recurring revenue increases. However, there are a few cool features available to everyone.

First, all partners will have access to a marketing automation platform to help facilitate sales. This will help partners grow, who are not currently dedicating resources to marketing for various reasons.  What’s more, Datto is interviewing top performers about their habits and sharing out the results. This will happen via a benchmark analysis that will compare a given MSPs habits against that of the more successful partners in an effort to identify opportunity areas.  There will also be free passes to industry events as well as a discount to an annual CompTIA membership and advanced certifications. The product demo or Not For Retail (NFR) program is also available to all partners, with the increased discounts as you go up in tiers. A lot of valuable, new trainings have also been introduced with the global partner program. And last, but not least, every active Datto partner is eligible to compete for a fabulous, all-expense-paid vacation for two. And, they promise it will be somewhere warm, which sounds really nice as New York is currently a frozen tundra.

Then, Marketing Development Funds become available for those at the Professional, Enterprise and Blue partner levels.  And, free shipping continues to be a benefit for two top tiers.

Then, there’s Blue

The benefits exclusive to Blue partners are even more impressive. For example, there is a co-marketing budget, which can be used for purchasing media in your local market to help drive in-bound leads. Datto will also come to your office to shoot and edit a commercial—if you’d like. How cool is that?!

However, perhaps most importantly, earning Blue has a major benefit for our current and prospective clients. Working with Invenio IT, as a Blue partner, we receive our own dedicated Datto technician which will yield better service with even quicker resolution times. What’s more, we will have access to additional trainings that will allow us better serve our clients.

Overall, the new Datto Global Partner Program is very impressive. Needless to say, we are thrilled to be recognized as a top partner and are excited for all the opportunities that come with it.

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