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The New Datto DNA Device. It’s the best router around

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The next generation of routers has a whole new DNA: introducing the Datto Networking Appliance or the Datto DNA for short.

Datto leads the way in business continuity. And, with innovative product launches they continue to deliver against their Total Data Protection platform, which includes physical and virtual appliances, software as well as a private cloud that surpasses 140-petabytes. “We’re making the technology investments today to help our partners deliver end-to-end data protection that makes them even more successful tomorrow,” says Austin McChord, Datto founder and CEO.  The latest product in an already impressive portfolio was announced last week: the Datto Networking Appliance or DNA for short. The Datto DNA is a breakthrough for business continuity for two very big reasons:

  1. Datto DNA has a built-in backup plan. A router is only as good as its connection. Without internet, business comes to a painful and costly halt–and Datto clearly understands this. The Datto DNA router was developed with an automated 4G failover to keep business up and moving, even when the internet is down. And, the feature comes free with the device. No added contracts or hidden fees.
  2. Developed with key industry trend in mind. Businesses today continue to be pushed to reduce costs, while increasing productivity. To that end, companies are moving (more and more) of their business to the cloud–and as a result are reducing onsite IT. Unlike other routers, the DNA was “born from the cloud,” which means it was designed for remote use. Offsite configuration and management is now seamless with the Datto DNA, which significantly reduces costly onsite visits and downtime.

The Datto DNA device is the next generation of router and is certainly a welcomed addition in the quest for total business continuity. The product is expected to roll out this fall. If you are interested in a “smart” router for your business, email us for more information. We are excited to see this product role out and will be sure to contact you as soon as it is released.

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