Why it is better to have a Datto Certified Advanced Technician

by Jan 26, 2016Business Continuity

From good to great. Why you need a Datto Certified Advanced Technician

A Datto Certified Advanced Technician (or DCAT for short) can make all the difference in the quality of support you receive. If you are fortunate enough to have Datto technology protecting your business, you know it is awesome. That said, we won’t spend a lot of time touting the :06 recovery or the peace of mind that comes with its proprietary screenshot verification.

What you need to know is why you need a Datto certified advance technician supporting your business. A DCAT is Datto’s highest level of certification for their technology partners. The training provides the knowledge and capability to quickly troubleshoot and resolve a number of issues, including: backup errors, system maintenance and restores, shortening the recovery time for the client.

1) Your Datto device is a living, breathing metal specimen. Ok, that may sound extreme, but Datto is continuously optimizing its technology and updating software and you want support from a company that is up-to-date on any new functionality. For example, the SIRIS devices now work with Linux operating systems and offer OwnCloud integration for enterprise file sharing.–and, while we don’t expect you to know that or how to it works, your IT business continuity partner should.

2) Boot camp isn’t just for the Army. In order to become a Datto certified advanced technician, you go through bootcamp–literally. You are thrown into a gauntlet of virtual disasters in which you need to solve or businesses shut down and you fail your test and go home without the coveted certification. Very intense, but mission critical as you wouldn’t want anyone supporting your business to be learning, on your business.

3) The Datto family of products keeps growing. As you likely already know, business continuity is a hot topic–and Datto is at the forefront of the conversation. With relentless dedication to R&D, Datto is working to meaningfully expand its product portfolio. If your IT is not a “Datto expert”, they are likely unaware of the latest company news and product updates. For example, what do you know about the Datto DNA? It’s a new router coming out and definitely something you are going to want in your arsenal if you need to eliminate downtime–without ifs, ands or buts.

If you have a Datto, you need to be working with a firm that has DCATs on-staff–period. Contact us today to make sure you are working with a Datto certified advanced technician.

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