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The new Datto Backupify for Microsoft 365 is a gamechanger

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Datto Backupify for Microsoft 365 proves commitment to “intelligent” business continuity

We all know businesses are embracing the cloud and moving more and more of their data and critical applications offsite. In fact, Microsoft 365 now has small and large businesses alike using its services for everything from email to social networking and software. For many companies, it just makes economic sense—with the pros outweighing the cons.

However, there is a sizable con that comes with moving business operations to the nebulous cloud. The elephant in the office is that companies are left relinquishing complete control of their mission critical data to a third party—in this case the behemoth of Microsoft—and that can be unsettling. For example, when and what to backup is no longer determined onsite among those closest to the information.

Datto Inc., at the forefront of “intelligent” business continuity is offering a solution to alleviate that concern: Backupify for Microsoft 365. The new Datto Backupify for Microsoft 365 solution brings automated, secure ON-SITE backup for data stored in the cloud. This breakthrough allows for superior cloud-to-cloud backup protection and a return of control for the client that was previously unavailable with M365. As a result, businesses can now rest a little easier knowing that data loss from human errors or intentional deletions as well as hackers and viruses can be eliminated. As with other Backupify products (Google Apps, Saleforces and other SaaS applications), the Datto Backupify for Microsoft 365 exceeds industry standards to ensure data is secure and protected. Some of the highlights include:

  • Automatic backups 3x/day
  • SOC 2 Type II audited
  • HIPAA compliant
  • Safe Harbor compliant
  • Built-in data encryption
  • Regular vulnerability management and testing

The new Datto Backupify solution was announced last week and is now available to complement M365. Click to request a demo of the Datto Backupify for Microsoft 365. Or contact us for information on other business continuity solutions

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