Avoid errors: learn how to view the Datto SIRIS Backup log today

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How to find the Datto SIRIS backup log

Learn how to view the Datto SIRIS backup log today. We’ll walk you step-by-step through the procedure in just a few minutes.

For a more verbose listing of the protected system’s backup log, in the Datto SIRIS web portal click the Agents tab and then Show Agent Log link which is available after selecting View the Datto SIRIS backup log.

For the more verbose full agent log click the Show Agent Log link which appears after selecting View the backup log.  As this shows agent logging from the Protected Server, ShadowSnap™ services will need to be running to access it.

show backup logs
Example: Backup Log Displayed with Error in Datto SIRIS Backup Log in Bold

Show Agent Log

agent logsExample: Viewing the Agent Log

The Datto SIRIS Agent Log displays the last 100 Lines of what is on the actual Protected Machine.  This is where the best information for errors populates.  Errors are displayed in RED regardless of the types of errors, either End Result Errors or Causal Errors.  End Result Errors are the most recent errors and is similar to a final error.  Causal Errors are the errors that the backup actually failed and are usually the errors that are towards the bottom of the list (the closer to the bottom of the log, the earlier the error).

The Causal Error is what is best used to discover what to fix and searching for a Knowlege Base Article or doing a Google Search on that error would be able to give you the fastest route to a solution.  It may not be the be-all end-all but it will be a guide to a resolution.

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For further assistance in viewing the Datto SIRIS backup log, please contact Invenio IT Support.

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