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Exclusive: Restore SQL server for Datto SIRIS in 5 easy steps

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Learn how to restore SQL server for Datto SIRIS today

If your business uses Microsoft SQL for your database applications, it’s inevitable that sooner or later you’ll need to restore a record or even the entire table. This article details the steps and procedures of how to restore SQL server for Datto SIRIS and other Datto devices using the ShadowSnap Agent.

Currently supported Microsoft SQL versions include
SQL Server 2005
SQL Server 2008
SQL Server 2008r2
SQL Server 2012

1. To begin login & load the local Datto web console’s Restore page and perform a virtualization on the SQL Server.  Prior to starting the virtualization set the Networking to “Firewalled on a Private Subnet” and click Apply.Note: Selecting this option may cause the machine to register with the local DNS Servers.  The default network settings are always going to be different than the local network but it could have possible negative effects on the local network.

start VM

2. Click Start VM.

3. Within anywhere from a few seconds to a minute the browser will automatically refresh and will provide an RDP link into the Virtual Machine.

start vm2

4. At this stage log into the virtualized instance of the SQL Server, locate the table or record to be restored and copy it to any available network share that is accessible from the production SQL Server.

5. Then import this table or record into your production SQL Server to complete the restoration.

For further assistance with on how to restore SQL server for Datto SIRIS, please contact Invenio IT Support.

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