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How to export a Datto SIRIS VMDK (in 5 easy steps)

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Learn How to Export a Datto SIRIS VMDK today


Procedural steps for mounting a recovery point in a Datto SIRIS as a the VMDK virtual disk file format & importing into a VMWare ESXi Host.

Please note for ESXi 4.1.0 the LSILogic SCSI RAID Controller Driver must be installed in the machine for these steps to function.  The LSILogic SCSI Raid Controller Driver is natively installed in Windows Operating Systems starting with Windows Server 2003.

Please note that VMware Standalone Converter is a free download utility that can very effectively import a VMDK shared by the Datto SIRIS.

Mounting the VMDK in the SIRIS Web Console’s Recovery Points

1.   Log in to the local SIRIS Web Console and select “Access Recovery Points” for the protected machine in which this is to be carried out for.

   Example: Selecting “Access Recovery Points” in Siris Web Console

2.   From the list of available recovery points select “Share Image/BMR” for the recovery point in which this process is to be carried out for.

  Example: Selecting “Share Image/BMR” From List of Recovery Points

3.   A popup box will appear in Firefox prompting to choose either VMDK or VHD as the Virtual Disk File Format to be used.  Select VMDK.

     Example: Sharing VMDK

4.   Allow Firefox to refresh the page for you to indicate that the VMDK(s) has been properly shared out, this normally takes several seconds but can take up to a minute to complete.

Example: Sharing VMDK… (Can take up to a minute)

5.   Once the VMDK(s) are shared out it will display a NFS Path to the location in which the VMDK(s) may be accessed over the network.  Take note of this address as it will be used for a step in the next phase.

            Example: VMDK(s) for Recovery Point Shared Out From The Datto Siris

Please watch the video for complete instructions on using the VMWare Converter with a Datto Business Continuity Solution

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