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What you need to know about Datto SIRIS Speed Sync

The Datto SIRIS Speed Sync specifies the frequency of recovery points for each protected server to be sent offsite (ie. daily, twice daily, etc), and how many concurrent off-site backups may be synced off-site simultaneously.

From the Datto SIRIS or SIRIS Lite web console each protected machine’s recovery points can be configured how often to sync with the Datto Cloud.

The default configuration is set for all recovery points to sync with the Datto Cloud, this option can be used to set how often recovery points will sync.
Example: Offsite Backup Interval Sync Set To 4 Hours
Concurrent Synchronizations
With the Datto Speed Sync Method more than just one sync process runs at a time as each of the protected machines now sync with the Datto Cloud concurrently at the same time.
  • The same single persistent RSA 2048 Encrypted SSH v2 tunnel between the Datto SIRIS or SIRIS Lite is still in use. 
  • There is a Marginal Rate of Return with more Protected Machines running offsite backups concurrently. 
  • Datto recommends no more than 4 Concurrent Off-Site Sync because the bandwidth is shared (subject to the throttle limits in place) across all the concurrently syncing Protected machines.
Example: Concurrent Off-Site Sync Setting (Off-Site Tab)

Recovery Point Prioritization

Datto SIRIS and SIRIS Lite Recovery Points can be assigned weighted levels from 1 to 5 so that individual protected machine’s synchronization with the Datto Cloud can be prioritized with each other.
Example: Offsite Backup Interval with Priority Level Set to 1.

Data Deduplication

The Datto SIRIS & SIRIS Lite’s strong inline deduplication for backup data is still in place for the Datto Speed Sync process.


The Datto Speed Sync is now using the LZMA2 compression algorithm.

Datto Cloud

Servers in the Datto Cloud manage receiving the Datto Speed Sync by prioritizing the processes for receiving data first and processing of received data after it has been received.  This helps to ensure that servers in Datto’s Cloud are never too busy and are always available to receive data from devices that are actively syncing.

For further assistance with Datto SIRIS Speed Sync, please contact Invenio IT Support.

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