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2016 marked incredible achievements for Datto, but what’s next?

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Datto 2016

Datto 2016, a year like no other

2016 was a great year for Datto, the vanguard in business continuity. Actually, it was downright extraordinary on every level. For starters, Datto has reported that more products shipped last year versus any other year in ten-year history of the company. To that end, they had a big year in terms of expansion. In 2016, Datto brought their empire into new markets like Australia and Singapore, deploying devices in over 75 countries around the world. And, with all that product shipping to just about everywhere, Datto has some other impressive stats. Just last year, Datto successfully performed over 46,00 off-site virtualizations and 25,00 offsite file restores for their end-users, with hundreds of thousands of on-site virtualizations and file restores.

However, there’s more. 2016 was truly a notable year for product development as well. The SIRIS 3, the new standard for business continuity, was introduced at DattoCon in June. That’s important, because the SIRIS 3 is an innovative new platform that’s the same whether you boot it up as a virtual machine, image your own hardware or use the Datto device itself. What’s more, the platform also offers an intelligent ransomware detection feature, a first for the industry. That means the device can actively monitor backups and notify you when a ransomware footprint is detected. No more downtime. No more ransom. No more worrying about ransomware.

And, there were more exciting firsts to be had for Datto in 2016. Datto developed and shipped the world’s first (as well as the smallest) all-flash BDR device. We are fortunate enough to receive Datto SIRIS 3 X1 at the partner conference in June and it is both awesome and small! While the ALTO was a game changer, the S3 X1 can spin up backups as virtual machines locally, right on the device. Oh, it looks good on your desk too!

With these new product updates, the Datto family of agents is now complete. There are now backup agents for Windows, Mac and Linux, which allow Datto to be the only provider in the world that has true image-based backup for all three major platforms that SMBs use today. No one else can say that.

Datto redefines data storage

What’s more, Datto introduced Infinite Cloud Retention. A few years ago Datto redefined the standard of how BDR should be billed with time-based retention. Now, Infinite Cloud Retention allows businesses to storage data indefinitely, as long as they continue to be a Datto customer. And, the price point is only a few dollars extra a month. It’s truly revolutionary.

Now, what could be left for Datto to tackle? They’ve done it all. Actually, there is a lot of work left to do. Datto CEO, Austin McChord, announced last month they are laser focused In developing the world’s best backup and recovery system. And, based on their track record, there is no doubt they will achieve this.

I’m personally looking forward to see how Datto will continue to advance the SIRIS platform as well where they take their cloud-to-cloud business. . .what sorts of exciting new features and functionality will be added? What other SAAS application platforms can be protected? How can they further leverage (and advance) their already award-winning support?

2016 was an incredible year for Datto and its partners, but something tells me the best is yet to come. . .

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