The new Datto Drive review is positive [update]

by Jul 26, 2016Cloud & Hosting

The reviews for the Datto Drive are in.

—Datto Drive Overview

Heard about the launch of Datto Drive? Curious to know how it stands up against others in the file sync and share market? Wonder no longer (just keep reading).

Datto Drive offers easy to use, cloud-based, anytime/anywhere/any device sync and share functionality. It offers the types of features for which consumer-grade FSS utilities are known. However, it was designed specifically for businesses. Datto Drive gives users the collaboration tools they need, while providing the management, security and data protection features that businesses require.

Datto Drive brings employees together on a single business-grade FSS platform. Our management portal is designed to give administrators complete oversight of their business’ data. Admins get granular, policy-based access controls over user accounts. They can view files created by former employees, create or delete user accounts, edit account privileges, set storage limits and more.

datto drive overview
business class
—Business Class Security

Data can be encrypted in-flight using the secure TLS protocol as well as at rest in our cloud data centers. The ability to encrypt data while it is being transferred gives businesses the end-to-end security they need. Datto Drive administrators can set different security levels for different types of data, as well. Also, Datto Drive has activity logging that enables users to see exactly who accessed and modified a document over the course of its lifespan. Finally, Datto’s cloud data centers are owned, operated and maintained by the the company and feature top-notch physical security measures.

Datto also uses a variety of data integrity and protection methods to protect against data loss in its cloud data centers. Our 200+ PB cloud is designed to prevent data loss. Based on the ZFS filesystem, it has built-in data protection measures including mirroring and data integrity checking. Also, data centers feature N+1 or greater redundancy for all network components and system components to avoid data loss from hardware failure.

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In a nutshell, the Datto Drive review is extremely positive. It was designed to give businesses easy to use, cloud-based, file sync and share with all the management tools organizations need. That said, it’s time to take control of your file sync and share data with a business-class FSS tool today.

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