Protect from Ransomware: 6 awesome tips to prevent an attack

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How to protect from Ransomware: you, your business, your bottom line.

Ransomware is malicious software that blocks access to your computer until you have paid a “ransom” to the hacker to unlock it. When your computer is infected, the ransomware can completely destroy your computer from the inside.

When ransomware first appeared in 2013 the internet world was not ready for it. The new virus hit users hard and since it was unknown how they were doing it, thousands of computers were infected in days. Your computer can be infected by clicking on a link in an email, visiting a webpage that has been hacked, or downloading software that has been infected.

Protect your computer from ransomware

There are several things you can do to protect from ransomware. (1) First, you should back up all your data. If you are hit with a ransomware attack you may end up losing recent documents on your computer but can still be restored to a previous version. One that wasn’t infected by a virus.

Cryptolocker, the first and most popular form of ransomware, often have two extensions such as “PDF.EXE”. (2) Be cautious when opening files that end in “EXE” extensions.  (3) You can change the settings on your desktop to disable remote desktop protocol or RDP. RDP allows anyone with your IP address to access your desktop. Disabling his feature helps protect from ransomware attacks.

(4) If you are infected, it is not recommended that you pay the ransom. There is no way to guarantee the criminal will give you back your files once you pay. Typically they use an untraceable online payment method such as Bitcoin. There are several solutions to ransomware attacks that weren’t available when ransomware was first created. (5) You can try disconnecting from the internet to stop the hacker from completing their attack. (6) Also, many virus protections have an anti-malware software that can scan you computer and remove the virus.

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