Use these 4 critical steps to CryptoLocker prevention today

by Jul 13, 2016Security

A few tactics for CryptoLocker prevention

CryptoLocker is a malware used by criminals to extort money from unsuspecting victims.  And it’s one of the greatest concerns for many web users today. Once you become a victim, there’s is usually no easy way out. You are forced to pay or you can kiss your important data and documents goodbye. The most practical solution to this problem is CryptoLocker prevention. The rise of this malware is a genuine threat. Individuals with malicious intentions continue to use all means possible to gain access to personal computers and force the victims to click on Trojans which later leads to infection. Thankfully, there are several ways you can use to put cryptoLocker at bay:

  1. Whitelisting

This is just like blacklisting, but the opposite! You can use whitelisting to come up with a list of applications allowed to run on the computer and on the network. These should be applications that are vetted by your network administrator and deemed safe. When an application tries to start, it gets cross-referenced against the list and, if found, it’s allowed to run. An integrity check measure, such as hashing, is generally added to ensure the application is in fact the authorized program and not a malicious or otherwise inappropriate one with the same name.

    2. Managing network traffic

You can dedicate resources to manage network traffic. This is important considering flat networks are often vulnerable to threats such as CryptoLocker. It is therefore important that you zone your networks properly and ensure that devices and users can only access areas of the network, based on their designated zone.

    3. Removing local admin privileges

To prevent a malicious application from running without authorization, not all users should be allowed to run as an admin. When a new application is installed on the computer, you must have a system where the username and password of the custom administrator is entered before the application is allowed to run. This small inconvenience can go a long way in preventing malwares such as CrytopLocker from invading your files.

   4. Investing in business continuity

The final step in our list shifts the focus from CryptoLocker prevention to survival. A business continuity solution will empower a business to stay operational regardless of the malware du jour. The latest technology can recreate lost data and servers in seconds, not hours or even days as you’ll find with traditional backup and recovery solutions.

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