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Performing backups of Oracle Databases on Datto SIRIS is easy

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What you need to know about performing backups of Oracle Databases on Datto SIRIS

Today’s blog post provides simple, step-by-step direction on performing backups of Oracle Databases on Datto SIRIS. Specifically, it covers the topic of how to ensure theShadowSnap Agent for Datto SIRIS provides application aware backups during VSS operations forOracledatabases.

  • Starting with Oracle 10g Patch Set version the“Oracle VSS Writer”Service can be installed to provide application consistent backups of theOracle Database.
    • For“Oracle 10g Database for Windows”please visit Oracle’s KB for instructions for installing the Oracle VSS Writer for installations of“Oracle 10g for Windows”by clicking here.
  • Starting with“Oracle 11g for Windows”the Oracle VSS Writer Service is installed by default.
  • For anOracle Databaserunning in NOARCHIVELOG, the database must be in a consistent state when you create a VSS snapshot. Backups made while the database is open read/write are not supported.
  • Microsoft Shadow Copy’s VSS Writers of the protected machine must be in a healthy state for it’s“Application Aware VSS Backup Engine”to perform a backup.

Determining if the Oracle VSS Writer is operational on the production machine

  • TheOracle VSS Writerdoes not appear when using the command“vssadmin list writers”as it simply injects itself into the metadata of the“System Writer”.
  • TheOracle VSS Writeris displayed in services.msc as“Oracle ORCL VSS Writer Service”.
Please note: This service should only be in a running state while a backup is in progress.

Example:Oracle VSS Writer Service in services.msc displayed while no backups are currently in progress.

  • The local DattoSiris Web Consolealso displays theOracle VSS Writeras a VSS Writer that may be excluded manually under the“Advanced Options”page for the agent.

Example: Oracle VSS Writer as displayed in the Datto SIRIS Web Console’s Advanced Options page

What the ShadowSnap Agent and the Datto SIRIS can perform when the Oracle VSS Writer is installed

  • With“Oracle VSS Writer”service installed theShadowSnap Agentwill have the ability to take a Shadow Copy of the volume(s) using the“Application Aware VSS”Backup Engine.
  • The“STC Backup Engine”is not application aware and is provided as a fail-safe backup engine capable of taking Shadow Copies in a crash-consistent state.
  • Backups taken by the Datto SIRIS can then be shared by performing a File Restoration on the local network for any Oracle Database Recovery Tools to be used.

For further assistance on performing backups of Oracle Databases on Datto SIRIS, please contact Invenio IT Support.

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