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Important 1, 2, 3’s of the Datto ownCloud partnership

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Datto ownCloud union to provide a new perspective on business continuity

Datto, an innovator in the world of business continuity, joins forces with ownCloud, the most popular open-source enterprise file sync and share software on the planet, in an effort to strengthen its position as the authority in total data protection. The Datto ownCloud collaboration extends business continuity from the physical office to the virtual one–in line with industry trends that show more and more work conducted on mobile devices, from remote locations. Built with a goal of providing enterprise file sync and share, the Datto ownCloud integration provides the same simple interface to Datto SIRIS admins.

So, why is this exciting news for Datto Clients? There are 3 key reasons:

  1. Datto’s current (and future) client base will have secure file sync and share capabilities, meaning employees can now collaborate and share documents seamlessly from wherever, whenever. With telecommuting rates growing year over year, the Datto ownCloud partnership will ease the burden of “virtual huddling” for employees around the globe.
  2. Datto clients will no longer need to relinquish control over their proprietary information and applications as we see with cloud-only file sharing solutions. With the Datto ownCloud partnership, Datto clients will be able to see, manage and control their data with a level of granularity—so there is no need to worry about security breaches or data cohabitating with that of a competitor.
  3. Together, Datto ownCloud means increased efficiency. Now all data sources, be it the cloud or onsite, will be easily accessible through a single integrated platform. That’s right, from Windows networks drives to Sharepoint to Dropbox and beyond, your data will be synched and shared.

According to Datto’s SVP of Business Development, Rob May: “More than 8,000 managed service providers rely on Datto for the best possible business continuity solutions for their clients. The ability to offer customers seamless collaboration without sacrificing the control and security of sensitive corporate data is an enormous value-add for Datto’s MSP partners and their customers.”

The Datto ownCloud partnership demonstrates a commitment to total data protection and business continuity. Through this collaboration, businesses can now have enterprise-level simplicity and security that is unmatched by any other consumer file sharing service.

This partnerships is just one of several big announcements made last week at the 2015 Datto Conference in New Orleans, LA.  Contact us for more information about the Datto ownCloud collaboration or for other news in business continuity.


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