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Time-saving tips like how to perform file restoration on Datto SIRIS

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How to perform file restoration on the Datto SIRIS and a whole lot more.

The Datto SIRIS is an incredible asset for any company looking to protect their data and prevent costly downtime. Our clients love the seamless recovery the solution offers and generally find the Datto SIRIS easy-to-navigate and compatible with the technology they already have in place. That said, with any piece of  technology, it is important that you know how to both effectively and efficiently and use the solution. This blog is a compilation of some our favorite “how to’s”, including the most popular question, how to perform file restoration on the Datto SIRIS:

How to perform file restoration on the Datto SIRIS

With Datto SIRIS, restoring your data from any backed up point in time is very simple and reliable. However, it is always nice to be walked through the process. Click here to learn the fourteen easy steps to performing file restoration with Datto SIRIS.

Avoid making critical errors when using ownCloud 

In today’s digitally-driven environment, every business really needs a file sync and share or FSS utility. Why? Because people often work on files together—and they are constantly hopping from device to device. So timely, effective business collaboration increasingly depends at least to some degree on easy-to-use file sharing and synchronization. That said, it is important that you follow the proper procedure to install and configure ownCloud with Datto SIRIS or Virtual SIRIS to avoid those annoying errors. Click here to learn more.

Unsnap the snapshot in just two simple steps

Errors will occur when backing up with any (and every) solution.  Knowing how to resolve those errors and issues is critical too ensuring your backup and recovery solution is successful. Click here to watch a video about what to do when your Datto SIRIS device cannot unsnap the snapshot.

Learn what to do when the Datto SIRIS VM boot-up is lagging

From time to time Virtual Machines that are hosted on a Datto SIRIS device may experience a painfully slow boot process. Click here to learn the steps to circumvent this issue in an efficient manner to help swiftly boot up a Virtual Machine.

How to conduct an exchange mailbox and message level restore 

As you know, a very common request for IT administrators is to find deleted messages or folders. Perhaps a key manager has left your company and you are asked to recover Exchange messages related to a specific customer. Fortunately, with the Datto SIRIS, you can set highly targeted search criteria for the messages you want to retrieve, minimizing the amount of time needed to open and read irrelevant messages. Learn how to do an Exchange mailbox and message level restore.

Learn how to master the Datto SIRIS Speed Sync in under 5 minutes

The Datto SIRIS Speed Sync specifies the frequency of recovery points for each protected server to be sent offsite (ie. daily, twice daily, etc), and how many concurrent off-site backups may be synced off-site simultaneously. Click here to learn what you need to know about the Datto SIRIS Speed Sync as well as how to conduct the process in just a few minutes.

How to size a Datto SIRIS like a pro

Properly sizing a Datto SIRIS backup solution is very important. When it isn’t done correctly, the health of your backups is in jeopardy. That’s why it is critical that you click to learn how to do it.

How to troubleshoot the Datto SIRIS final error

Every backup will encounter an error, often times they are a result of the system that is being backed up. Click here to learn about the Datto SIRIS final error that you may encounter: “Final Error (#2 The System Cannot Find The File Specified.)”.  And, of course, find helpful troubleshooting solutions.

We hope this serves as a helpful resource for you and your organization. if you have any other questions about the Datto SIRIS, please contact us to speak with one of our Datto-Certified Advanced Certified Technicians or DCATs for short: (646) 395-1170 or

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