How to Prepare IT for Holidays in 3 Very Easy Steps

by Dec 2, 2015General Tech

Start preparing IT for holidays – now.

While everyone else appears to be taking vacations and winding down for the holiday break, it is time for the IT department to kick it into high gear to ensure a smooth and stress-free holiday break for the company. That said, how do you begin to prepare IT for holidays?

Glad you asked, here are the three steps those IT folks need to be doing, stat.

Step #1: Prepare for those pesky employees who normally commute, but will be requesting to work from home (or their tropical paradise of choice). 

People work hard year-round, and the holiday season is often a time for people to take time off or at least take time away from the office. However, since just about everyone would like to take a few days off, you may find that some employees still need to remain on the grid–be it on personal technology or company-issued devices and IT needs to be prepared.

Of course, IT is accustomed to employees working remotely. However, there will always be a few those are used to having office resources at their fingertips, who will encounter “technological difficulties” and it will test your patience.Expect to be busy.

Step #2: Prepare yourself (physically and mentally) for all the new devices to enter the network.

Who hasn’t received a new tablet for the holidays? The holidays are the time of year when you will start to see the most new technologies and personal devices.  Make sure that your staff is up-to-date on the latest devices so  they can troubleshoot and protect them should something happen.

If your staff doesn’t have the capacity to learn about all the new gadgets, you can simply put restrictions on what types of devices can be used for work or you can hire an outside party, who specializes in the latest technology.

Step #3: Prepare for the increase in (web) traffic.

And, we don’t mean work-related traffic. If employees are tethered to their desks, chances are they will need to be using your network for some personal purposes, like shopping and listening to those holiday tunes.  Hey, ’tis the season. . .you just need to know what that means for your network.

With music, there are two types of traffic. One is streaming, while the other is downloading. These each affect your network in different ways, so be sure to monitor your network usage carefully.

With online shopping, there is actually a lot of risk. Whether employees are avoiding work or just trying to make a surprise purchases for their spouse, if these e-commerce sites are not thoroughly vetted by your network protection settings, they could compromise not just that user’s personal information but also your entire company network. Make sure you monitor traffic very closely for everyone’s security.

Ok, so there was a little bit of a scrooge undertone to this post. Have no fear, tomorrow will be about all the positives for our trusty ITers during the holidays! In the meantime, if you need any help in preparing your IT for holidays, let us know.

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