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Datto SIRIS 2 Review: A Smarter Data Recovery System

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Looking for a Datto SIRIS 2 review?

Today, most companies rely on data generated throughout the day. That said, if there is a system interruption of any kind, the whole business stops until the problem is solved. Medical offices are a prime example of a business that cannot afford to lose their data–even for a short period. Data needs to be backed up and quickly retrievable. But what system should be used?

Datto SIRIS 2 is a smart data recovery system that brings technology, once available only to larger firms, to small businesses. A recent article in Forbes highlights the road to success of Datto–and its founder, Austin McChord.

What makes the Datto SIRIS unique?

Datto uses the ZFS file system and logical volume manager that includes the capabilities of screen snapshots every six minutes and copy-on-write clones. This means the entire system is copied and can be retrieved, if the office server fails. Also, Datto SIRIS 2 has continuous integrity checking and automatic repair that guarantees the data is fully uncorrupted.

The Datto SIRIS 2 is built to last. Only premium components are used to ensure performance and durability. That said, the company offers a warranty for its devices. And, assuming the device is under warranty, it is replaced at no cost.  In addition, upgrades to an existing system are easy and affordable.

The most important operational storage unit problem is heat generated by the microprocessors. The Datto SIRIS 2 supplies plenty of redundant cooling capability with replaceable cooling fans and field-proven CPU heatsinks.

Whats more, the Datto SIRIS 2 protects business with extra assurance by using a hybrid cloud solution with bi-coastal data centers. This allows data to be accessed using a SIRIS 2 device anywhere, anytime, if there is WIFI access.  This capability wasn’t available for small business before the SIRIS 2.

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