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Datto Continuity for PCs is an ideal solution for businesses who need to protect their important data and systems from downtime and data loss. With Datto Continuity for PCs, you can back up and restore your entire PC or laptop, including the operating system, applications, files, and settings. You can even restore your PC to a previous version if needed. Datto Continuity for PCs also offers a wide range of features such as cloudbased backup, secure offsite storage, automatic backups, and more. These features ensure that your data will always be safe and secure, no matter what happens to your PC or laptop.

All-in-One Backup & Recovery for PCs.

Whether it’s because of a ransomware attack, lost or stolen device, or accidental deletion of a file, you can now confidently offer clients a solution
not only for the protection of endpoint business data on their Windows based devices, but also for streamlined recovery of the entire device
configuration, setup and applications.

Easily restore individual files
and folders

Reliably recover from
ransomware attacks

Rapidly restore lost or
stolen PCs

Simplify admin self-service
file/folder recovery for clients

We offer a whole range of
cloud services

01 Reliable PC Backups

PCs move between networks or get powered off, making it difficult to get reliable backups. Datto Cloud Continuity for PCs backup automatically pauses when the device has its connection interrupted and then automatically resumes once the connection is restored. Integrity checks, like Screenshot Verification, validate every backup and provide an alert if there are any issues. This takes the guesswork out and ensures backups are good for a reliable recovery.

02 Simple deployment and management

The Datto Cloud Continuity agent sits on the protected PC and connects directly to the Datto Cloud without the need for a local appliance. MSPs can easily purchase, manage, and monitor Cloud Continuity for PCs in the Partner Portal, the same place they do for other Datto products. Here they can pause and delete agents and view recent screenshots, as well as perform bare metal restore, point-in-time rollback, and fi le/folder restore. Integration with Datto RMM allows partners to save time and perform mass deployments easily and efficiently. Settings only need to be configured once per-client using RMM setup templates and a streamlined deployment workflow onboards new clients quickly.

03 One price, one terabyte, zero complications

Datto Cloud Continuity for PCs is designed to make it incredibly easy to resell and maintain consistent margins over time. No storage management is required, there are no surprise recovery charges, and backups are available with 1-year time-based retention (TBR) in the Datto Cloud.

04 Protect business data no matter where it lives

Datto Cloud Continuity for PCs is part of Datto’s entire Unified Continuity product line, which includes complete protection for servers private or public cloud and SaaS data. With Datto Cloud Continuity, MSPs now have a powerful way to protect a broad range of PCs no matter where they operate from, opening up an even greater opportunity for partners to generate revenue while delivering the highest levels of business uptime.


Key features

Operating system & Hardware Compatibility

What Customers Say

The recovery time objective and recovery point objective were most valuable. It was easy to use, and it was easy to recover a file. I was the head of sales and a product evaluator for an MSSP, so I never had to deal with recovery from ransomware. However, I was confident that if ransomware had occurred, I would only lose a maximum of 59 minutes of data. The files were encrypted.

James Herold

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