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Datto Backupify for Microsoft 365

Datto Backupify for Microsoft 365 Pricing, Reviews, Demo

The new Datto Backupify for Microsoft 365 is “intelligent” business continuity. The solution brings automated, secure on-site backup for data stored in the cloud. This breakthrough allows for superior cloud-to-cloud backup protection and a return of control for the client that was previously unavailable with M365.
Top reasons to choose Datto Backupify for Microsoft 365:

  • Control and manage your data, even in the cloud, with on-site backup.
  • Eliminate data loss from human errors, hackers and viruses with automated backups 3 times a day.
  • Exceed industry standards to ensure data is secure and protected with built in data encryption as well as regular vulnerability management and testing.
  • Use with confidence knowing Datto Backupify for Microsoft 365 complies Safe Harbor, HIPPA and SOC 2 regulations.
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