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Data replication is needed for successful cloud server backup

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The serious needs for data replication.

The reasons for business data backup have never been clearer, or more urgent. Information managers need data replication services that have the most secure and reliable backup technologies built into them. That is why we recommend Datto for data backup as the best choice for business customers.

Data Replication And The Benefits Of Inverse Chain Technology

Datto’s Inverse Chain Technology applies a strategy for data replication that enables you to delete backups selectively. Individual versions are not dependent on the chain so you can delete specific ones and not damage the chain’s integrity.  While consumer-oriented applications such as Dropbox are perfectly adequate for personal usage, they lack the depth of service and accessibility that are vital for enterprise use.

The ability to recover files is only one aspect to consider. In the commercial world, you are likely to need to review and share different versions and go back to previous files, for analysis and removal, without losing any data in adjacent versions.

The Wrong Backup Solution Could Cost You Dearly

Datto’s solution provides greater security and flexibility than Dropbox. Of course, any situation is better than the business owner who accidentally deleted all of his company and customer files. The world is not usually that cruelly black and white, but errors, whether by humans or by other unforeseen hazards, can damage or corrupt critical parts of your enterprise dataset. Sometimes these creeping disasters are so subtle that they go unnoticed for considerable lengths of time, possibly even years.

Datto’s inverse chain technology will ensure that the versions that you want to restore will be there and in good shape, if and when the need arises. Our poor business-deleting friend apparently relied on a backup disk in the same computer from which he ran daily operations. Ouch!

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