There’s a few good reasons for why you need a Datto

by Jul 12, 2016Business Continuity

If you don’t have a Datto, then you need a Datto.

If you know anything about backup and recovery, you know about Datto. You’ve heard about the ridiculously fast recovery times, maybe you’ve even had a demo of the technology. You know your business could benefit from the most reliable and advanced continuity solution out there, but have excuses that keep you from the upgrade. Perhaps you currently have a traditional backup solution and think it is too expensive or maybe you think disasters just don’t happen in your neck of the woods. Whatever inner monologue is plaguing you, you’re wrong–you need a Datto and here is why.

Earlier today, a story broke about an accounting firm in Australia that was the target of a CryptoLocker attack. According to the story, a staff member opened an AGL-branded scam email that generated a screen demanding thousands of dollars. Within moments, all files were encrypted and completely inaccessible, including the main database. You see, cybercrime is on the rise and every business is a target–regardless of the size, industry or location–and that is why you need a Datto SIRIS device.

The firm stated their previous backup solution would have taken a minimum of six hours to fully restore the data. And, coupled the number of employees, the period of downtime would have a steep price tag of approximately $150,000.

The good news

The accounting firm had a Datto. While they were hoping they would never need to test its ability to recover downed servers and lost data, they are very pleased to report that they recovered from a potentially crippling malware attack in just 15 minutes. By using Datto, the accountancy firm was able to get back up and running with minimal disruption and without any need to pay a ransom.

Thinking you still don’t need a Datto? Think again and contact us today and demo the technology.

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