5 Amazing Tips to Organize with Virtual Storage

by Dec 29, 2015Business Continuity

Sharing and Securing Marketing Materials with Virtual Storage

Organizing media materials online is a challenge with distributed teams of people working on projects. Versions of campaign items, ranging from mailings or posters, are often shared via e-mail and in long lists of folders. This causes headaches when not managed carefully. We’ve created a brief list of tips for better organizing marketing materials using virtual storage across groups of employees:

1. Keep brand assets in secure organization systems online

When teams use virtual storage systems to organize media materials, it’s easier to locate version histories and the latest advertising campaign information. Options for storing media files, such as photos and logos, include cloud storage or databases.

2. Manage access to media materials according to project

Through online platforms, project managers or employers sometimes choose to manage access to media materials. For example, some teams only need access to media materials from the last year, and not from the last ten years. Consider creating password-protected folders and make sure folders in the cloud are only accessible to the intended parties.

3. Store media materials by date, campaign, or zip code

Save versions and files of media materials in a logical manner on your platform. For example, label folders by year, date, location or subject. That way, other team members know where to find projects, such as media for print mailing fulfillment.

4. Go through media materials periodically to ensure proper versions are available

It doesn’t make sense to give teams access to every version of every media material if they are not relevant to future projects. If team members only have access to what they need through virtual storage, it eliminates confusion and prevents a work-in-progress from becoming a final draft.

5. Save notes and information about creative briefs or printing requests 

By keeping notes, vendor information, and other information in online shared databases with the appropriate teammates, it’s possible to streamline communication. Instead of redundant e-mails, team members are able to access notes from the latest meeting or creative brief with shared folders in an organized shared information platform.

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Dale Shulmistra is a Business Continuity Specialist at Invenio IT, responsible for shaping the company’s technology initiatives -- selecting, designing, implementing & supporting business continuity solutions to bolster client operational efficiencies and eliminate downtime.

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