Embarrassing technical difficulties during the World Series

by Oct 28, 2015Business Continuity

Yes, that’s right–there were technical difficulties during the World Series last night.

Early on in the Game 1, 14-inning battle between the New York Mets and the Kansas City Royals Fox Sports lost power. It was the fourth inning and the teams were tied at 1-1 right when an electronics failure cut the power to the primary and backup generators inside Fox Sports’ production compound.

As a result, viewers nationwide experienced a four-minute outage in the game broadcast. While four minutes may sound insignificant, I’m sure you can agree (if you were watching the game), it sure didn’t feel insignificant.

That said, we can appreciate that Fox Sports apologized for the interruption and was prepared with a backup plan to kick in should technology fail or human error prevail.

“We apologize for technical difficulties with our #WorldSeries Broadcast,” Fox Sports tweeted. “We are working on fixing the issue ASAP.”

“The issue was immediately addressed, although it resulted in the audience missing one at-bat during the time needed to switch to carriage of Major League Baseball’s international feed, powered by a different generator on site,” Fox Sports said in a statement.

The outage caused Fox to use the MLB Network’s announcing team during the technical issues. It also temporarily deprived the Mets and Royals of their video feed of the game that teams normally use to determine whether to ask for a video replay review of umpire calls. Both teams agreed to continue without the feed.

Lucky for Fox Sports they do not expect any financial impact from the outage, according to a Fox Sports spokesperson. However, next time they may not be as fortunate.

This may be the first time we’ve witnessed (or can recall) technical difficulties during the World Series–however, it is not the first time that we’ve gone dark on one of professional sports largest stages. It was merely two years ago that there was a 35-minute power outage during the Super Bowl game at the Superdome in New Orleans.

So, what can we take away from last night’s technical difficulties during the World Series?  Two things: 1) things can and often do go wrong, whether it is technology, mother nature or human error, which bring us to 2) have a real backup plan, one that can have you up and running lickady split.

Now, it’s time to ask yourself–could your business afford technical difficulties during the World Series of your industry? Today, there are solutions available that can virtually eliminate downtime and you need to know about them. Contact us today to discuss your business’ continuity plan.

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