Today’s Requirements for Business Continuity Solutions Are No Joke

by | Aug 17, 2017

Total data protection is the ultimate goal of security gurus, but how can you be sure you’ve defined the right requirements for business continuity for your business? The ever-changing landscape of solutions may leave you with more questions than answers. However, ensuring that your organization’s employees and customers have uninterrupted access to data on-site, in transit and in the cloud is of critical importance in today’s business world. From natural disasters to malicious activity such as ransomware, from technology failures to user errors — any and all of these situations are reasons to invest in protecting your data through a comprehensive system of business continuity and disaster recovery.

Requirements for Business Continuity Solutions

Business continuity and disaster recovery are not new concepts, and their importance has been touted by supply chain professionals for decades. After all, it only takes one weak link in your vendor supply chain before the disruptive impact is felt all the way up and down the chain. Creating a business that is truly resilient able to come back quickly from any type of disaster may seem like a pipe dream, but there are organizations today that thrive on creating this type of always-on organization. The concepts behind business continuity and disaster recovery are deep, but these are some of the key requirements for business continuity solutions.

  • TCO: Total Cost of Ownership is an important topic anytime you’re considering a software or hardware purchase. Many SMBs have limited financial resources, which may cause them to reach towards a more limited solution. However, with business continuity it’s important that business leaders have a full understanding of what they’re paying for  and in this case, leaders may find that the additional cost is worth the peace of mind. Consider the cost of extended downtime when making the decision about whether to go with a cut-rate solution or to spring for something that offers a more comprehensive solution.
  • Risk Assessment & Management: Standard backups are no longer “good enough” when it comes to business continuity. Instead, a true solution includes risk assessment and a way to manage risks effectively. A thorough business impact analysis allows partner organizations to define recovery objectives for a variety of business products and services.
  • Performance & Reliability: This is where its important for vendors and business leaders to communicate effectively about the preferred backup frequency. Some businesses operate at such a speed and scale that even a few moments of lost data could take weeks to re-engineer, while others could effectively operate with an in-house backup that pushes incremental updates to the cloud.
  • Scalability: You’re looking for a system that is flexible enough to meet your short- and long-term needs effectively. As your business grows, is your chosen solution able to rise to the new challenges presented by more complex data requirements?
  • Security & Compliance: Where will your data be hosted? Are there multiple (and regional) redundancies involved, and will the performance live up to your expectations? If you’re in a compliance-based industry, will your vendor partner have a deep enough understanding of your needs to present you with a solution that will be fully compliant?
  • Comprehensiveness: Seamless integration is truly a requirement for any business continuity solution. At Invenio IT, we work closely with you to ensure that the selected business continuity solution will support all of your needs.

There are truly dozens of data points to consider when you’re searching for a business continuity and disaster recovery solution for your business. Perhaps the first and most important decision is selecting a partner who deeply understands the needs of your organization, and make appropriate recommendations based on true business requirements. Contact Invenio IT to speak with one of our business continuity experts.

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