Datto SIRIS Backup Solution Recovers Failed Systems in Minutes

February 12, 2013

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Dale Shulmistra

Business Continuity Specialist @ Invenio IT
Recovers Failed Systems in Minutes

Datto SIRIS Backup Solution Recovers Failed Systems in Minutes

by Feb 12, 2013Business Continuity

Did You Know The Datto SIRIS Backup Solution Recovers Failed Systems in Minutes?

How important is your data to the success of your business? How long could your business function without it? What’s the cost to your business in lost revenue, productivity, unhappy clients and partners?

Like most businesses, your data is the lifeblood of your business — your accounting, sales, marketing, operations, customer management, inventory are all key components and heavily reliant on data.

As soon as your business starts storing client information, you have a responsibility to protect that information. The chance that your computers or servers are going to fail is 100% guaranteed. The most common business disaster is data loss, which can result from a number of causes including human error, hardware failure, power failures, natural disaster and theft. Losing data is inevitable, it is just a matter of when. And when that happens, the question is, are you going to be prepared?

Right now, if the hardware in your servers were to fail, how long would it take to completely restore and recover? If you had to order a new server, get it prepped and then do a bare metal restore, how long would that process take? What would happen to your business during that time? To your customers?

Many businesses that are reliant on their data cannot afford to be without it or their infrastructure for long periods of time. Each lost hour and day costs thousands, and the longer the recovery takes the less likely you will be able to recoup your losses.

For businesses that cannot be without their servers and data for long periods of time, a Datto SIRIS solution can have your data and servers back up in minutes, not hour or days. You can easily restore files, folders, emails, databases, but if a server fails you can locally virtualize that server while your faulty server is repaired. If your entire office or network is down (hurricane, snow storm, power outage), your Datto SIRIS device can virtualize all of your servers in Datto’s cloud and recreate your entire infrastructure.

Protect your business, and recover instantly from data loss and disaster. Schedule a Datto SIRIS demo today.

Business Continuity Specialist @ Invenio IT