A deep dive into the new Datto products and offerings

by | Jul 11, 2017

Looking for more information on the new Datto products and offerings?

At this point, we know that DattoCon 17 didn’t disappoint and there are lots of new Datto products to discuss. That said, let’s take a deeper dive into the various software and hardware announcements so we can really understand why Datto is game-changing for the backup and disaster recovery category.

Let’s start with the flagship SIRIS 3. There are a few notable software upgrades designed to help MSP and their Clients alike.

Remote Web 2.0

Remote Web is great. However, it is about to get better. Web 2.0 allows a user to connect from anywhere in the world in 5 seconds or less. The globally balanced infrastructure is faster and more secure as well as leverages common ports so that no matter where you are, you can connect to your Datto.

Hyper-V Support

Datto can now be used with the Hyper-V hypervisor! End-to-end support for the very popular Microsoft hypervisor is now available—how exciting is that?!

Rescue Agent

The Rescue Agent is another benefit available to the SIRIS 3. In a disaster scenario, you will now be able to spin up a VM with ease, even if the Datto device itself goes down. With the click of a button, the rescue agent allows you to spin up the VM. It forks the backup chain, and while preserving it, creates a new agent that automatically starts backing up that VM as a completely different agent.


Everyone loves the :06 failovers and virtualization of an Agent. However, getting any new data generated back to the new production system has been a pain point as well as often the cause of the greatest downtime.

That said, Datto is improving the process. Now, instead of waiting for that virtualization to finish and copying the entire image, you are now able to copy the entire image as the virtualization is happening. This minimizes BMR failback time to a single reboot! This new option is called mirroring. What’s more, this BMR system also has both a greater range of support for hardware and is much faster so all around an exciting update that helps us better serve our clients.

Now onto some exciting hardware offerings.

And, of course there are updates to the existing hardware. Last year, the S3X1 was released. As the world’s smallest BDR unit, it was a one-terabyte, one-agent, all flash device. Then, the S3X2 was introduced later in the year. Flash is exciting because It’s faster—and, that equates to faster backups as well as a higher density of agents.

That said, the S3X4 was just introduced as one of the new Datto products. Not only is it small, it but offers other benefits as well. It is a 4 terabyte SSD, that supports up to four agents. It boasts an upgraded CPU and RAM. Great for small businesses, who need performance, but also want small form factor.

S3X Professional

But there’s more. Datto launched a new line: The S3X Professional. It offers the speed of flash, with some of the benefits from the SIRIS Professional line, such as: unlimited agents, it is IPMI-enabled—and it comes with a 5-year warranty. The S3X also boasts flexibility coming in 4, 8 and 12TB 1U rack-mounted servers.

Datto ALTO 3

Now, let’s discuss Datto’s most popular backup and disaster recovery device: The ALTO. At DattoCon 17, the ALTO 3 was introduced and very well received. Here’s why. It features an intel processor, 2 terabyte SSD and handles up to 4 agents. What’s more, despite the dramatic performance upgrades, the device is free with a 1-year commitment. 

Commitment to Total Data Protection

Datto continues to innovate outside of the traditional BCDR box. Here’s is what they announced at DattoCon 17.

Datto SaaS Protection

Datto SaaS Protection is the next generation of cloud backup. Datto will gradually replace Backupify with its new SaaS Protection cloud backup solution, which is built on a new, faster architecture for protecting Microsoft Office 365 and Google G Suite environments. Datto says the new architecture enables point-in-time back-up functionality with dramatically improved export and restore speeds.

The company also plans to launch SaaS Protection Node. Powered by Intel Xeon processors and Intel’s Optane high-speed storage technology, the system will offer all the functionality of its hosted SaaS solution via an on-site (or data-center-based) device. Of course, this offers peace of mind when using cloud-based software—but it also enables others, who for compliance reasons need access to their data, to enjoy the benefits of SaaS.

Datto Networking

Datto entered the networking space in January with the acquisition of a company called Open Mesh, who brought with them awesome access points and switches. Now, an updated Datto Networking appliance (DNA) will roll out.

The Datto Network Appliance, which simplifies SMB networking via a WiFi Edge Router with 4G LTE failover, can now perform QoS, Layer 7 Deep Packet inspection. There will also be traffic shaping, client and site-to-site VPN, remote antenna as well as automatic updates.

Access Points have been updated as well, which now feature Brand SSIDs, mesh routing as well as a -20 Celsius rating for those SMB’s up north. Switches now offer VOIP phone support, including QoS and Voice VLAN.

But, there’s more. Datto is now the world’s first network hardware to integrate with ConnectWise. This means ConnectWise partners can manage Datto access points, switches, and networking appliances remotely through an app. This provides greater visibility into network resources and more control when offsite.

Last, but not least, the Datto Managed Power was announced. This is essentially a hefty surge protector, which is intended to be remotely managed for small to medium-sized businesses. It comes with 6 plugs and 2 USB A/C ports, embedded Wifi Mesh, cloud managed, 4000 J Surge Protection as well as embedded Wifi and Ethernet. The product will ship later this year. Stay tuned!

As you can see, lot’s of new Datto products and offerings have been introduced—and we’re excited to take them all for a test drive. Have any questions, drop us a line.

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