Datto SIRIS 3. The only way to achieve total data protection

by Jul 11, 2016Business Continuity

Introducing the latest development in business continuity, the Datto SIRIS 3.

The Datto SIRIS 3 was introduced last month at DattoCon16. It is the latest development in the prolific business continuity space. The solution builds on the success of the popular SIRIS platform, yet offers several notable enhancements to better protect all data, anywhere it lives, all the time.

Here is what you need to know about the Datto SIRIS 3:

  • It was built for BCDR. The Datto SIRIS 3 provides superior local backup, a local business continuity host as well as a connection to the Datto Cloud and DRaaS from Datto. The SIRIS platform has impressive software and hardware updates, such as: 10GB NICs, IPMI, custom motherboards, XEON processors and KVM hypervisor replacing VirtualBox as well as Ubuntu 16.
  • It runs anywhere. it isn’t just a device. It’s technology that delivers the first complete business continuity solution on a single platform—whether it’s on a physical Datto appliance, in a virtualized environment or re-imaging your current hardware into a Datto SIRIS.
  • It protects everything. The Datto SIRIS 3 isn’t just for Windows. Linux and Mac operating system users can now rest easy knowing they have Total Data Protection. In addition, the SIRIS 3 also comes with Instant Virtualization technology that allows entire infrastructures to be recovered—and restored—in seconds.
  • It saves everything. The SIRIS offers Infinite Cloud Retention, which replaces multi-year retention plans. Now, Infinite Cloud keeps all the backups for as long as you are paying monthly service. This is the most affordable way to keep data long-term. The monthly rates are approximately 20% more than standard time-based retention rates.
  • It can restore from anywhere. The latest SIRIS offers bare metal, file or folder, SAN-based and cloud-bridged restore options.
  • It offers flexible backup options. Unlike many BCDR solutions, the Datto SIRIS 3 boasts flexibility with both agent and agentless backup options.
  • It is the first all SSD BDR solution. The SIRIS x1 model protects a single machine, while offering all the benefits of the SIRIS platform. 
  • Its performance is guaranteed. The new Datto SIRIS 3 is backed with a 5 year warranty.

The SIRIS Platform continues to protect your data with the most reliable & advanced technology. For example, the hybrid cloud-based recovery enables instant onsite and offsite backup virtualization. In addition, Datto’s proprietary Inverse Chain and Screenshot Backup Verification technology eliminates broken chains and faulty backups.

What’s more, the SIRIS 3 software comes standard with the purchase of any new Datto SIRIS.  In addition, the SIRIS 3 platform will be available as a free upgrade for all SIRIS 2 appliances shortly.  Contact us today for additional information on the Datto SIRIS 3.

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