A law firm needs to be protected by Datto to succeed

by | Feb 24, 2016

Every law firm needs business continuity.

At Invenio IT, we believe strong business continuity is vital for the success of a law firm.

A law firm has an obligation, both legally and ethically, to protect confidential
information in their computer systems. While there is a lot of attention
to security safeguards, not being able to produce client data or contract
information in a timely fashion can have negative effects on the reputation and
bottom line of a law firm. A business continuity solution can save a firm from
lost data, computer system downtime, embarrassment and lost revenue.
-Dale Shulmistra, Principal & Co-Founder, Invenio IT

As attorneys, you need to provide your clients with the best legal advice and service possible. And, just like time and tide wait for no man on the high seas, in the world of law, time stops for no one. There is always a deadline looming and a client looking for updates. Therefore, any disruption to your work day is a huge concern for law firms–and losing data or access to servers is no exception.

While accidental deletions or technology glitches will happen, there is an answer: business continuity. A true business continuity solution will protect your data across on-premises and cloud-based IT environments. Whether your data is living on servers, or in SaaS applications, it is backed up. Business continuity goes a step further and offers you the ability to restore your data in minutes . . .or even seconds.

In order to guarantee a quick restore time, you will need a hybrid cloud solution. Why? Local backups are great to keep data stored on local devices, but if something happens to that device, then what? The hybrid cloud backup model takes
an initial backup on a local device, and then replicates those backups to cloud servers. Cloud-only solutions are also not as reliable on their own due to bandwidth issues. A hybrid model works to alleviate the vulnerabilities by implementing both processes to fill in the gaps.

And that’s exactly why every law firm needs a Datto for total data protection.

Datto is not your standard backup and recovery solution, It offers:
• Innovative proprietary technology such as Inverse Chain Technology
and Screenshot Backup Verification
• Average recovery time in just 6 seconds
• 24x7x365 support. The around-the-clock support means you’re guaranteed assistance even during off-peak times

It’s time to safeguard the credibility of your practice the same way you safeguard the credibility of your clients. Investing in business continuity with Datto is an investment in your firm’s future. If you are interested in learning if Datto aligns with your law firm needs, please contact us.

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