JetBlue computers fail when they are needed most

by Jan 15, 2016Business Continuity

For some reason, we had higher expectations for JetBlue computers

We’ve seen it happen to United. We wouldn’t be surprised to learn American Airlines has an archaic computer system, but JetBlue computers? Come on, we expected better. I guess this confirms that all American airlines are created equal–equally bad. Although, now that I think about it, this isn’t the first time JetBlue has had their computers go south for the winter. In March (yes, less than a year ago), they experienced another “system-wide outage” that left thousands stranded. But, I digress. 

Yesterday’s mishap was allegedly caused by a Verizon data center outage, causing delays across the country and leaving passengers frustrated and angry. According to Verizon, the power went out at a data center at 11:37 a.m. Eastern Standard Time–and was restored roughly three hours later. THREE HOURS? Can you imagine the havoc at major JetBlue hubs like LAX, JFK and Logan?

Fear not, the Airline was super informative and sympathetic to their travelers, posting the below explanation about the issues on social media and recommended that customers actually talk to airport staff about the status of their flights (great idea, JetBlue!):

We’re experiencing intermittent network issues due to a data center power outage. We’re working to resolve & should be restored shortly.

Of course, the passengers took to their own social media accounts to communicate their dissatisfaction with the both the delays and customer service:

Three strikes and we won’t forget, JetBlue. It’s 2016 and there is technology available for companies–big and small–that eliminates this sort of system downtime. For one, there’s Datto, which touts recovery time in as short as six seconds. They can restore downed servers and lost data regardless of what caused the outage. I’m sure you can agree that six will cause a lot less headaches than 10,800. We’re pulling for you, JetBlue. Let us know when you are ready for an upgrade.

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