3 important reasons why you need Datto support today

by May 19, 2016Business Continuity

You may have a Datto, but not just any Datto support will do.

When you are no longer looking to just backup your business’ data and servers, but want true business continuity, you invest in a Datto. However, having the right technology in place is just part of the equation to guarantee smooth sailing when the proverbial hurricane hits. Your business also needs needs the right support–and not just any MSP will do. Here is a list of the top three things you should be looking for in your Datto support:

  1. Make sure your technology partner offers Datto Certified Advanced Technicians (DCAT) to support your business. A DCAT receives on-going training, directly from Datto so they are very well-prepared to provide Datto support. They are aware of new products as well as possible functionality upgrades to your existing device.
  2. Work with an Elite Partner. Datto has a tier system to rank its partners, with Elite as the highest level of distinction. Selecting an Elite partner not only guarantees extensive experience with the Datto line of products, but it also ensures a hardware guarantee and insurance policy as well as access to the most competitive pricing.
  3. Find a Datto specialist. As you already know, many MSPs offer a plethora of solutions. And, while there can be advantages of consolidation, you will not be getting an expert as it’s impossible to “specialize” in everything. Before you move forward with a technology partner, make sure you “interview” them (it is your business’ data after all). Ask them questions. Look at their blog. Check out their website. Do they specialize in Datto? Have they published any resources to demonstrate they have experience with the technology? Don’t settle for the a vendor; make sure you get an expert.

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