Here’s an example of a disaster recovery plan that works

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Learn from those who have survived: an example of a disaster recovery plan

We often blog about the importance of a business to develop continuity plans and have even been known for sharing an example of a disaster recovery plan or two. I’m sure as business owners and decision makers frequently think about disaster recovery planning and then brush it off, thinking they are not located in the zone of any type of natural disaster. And, I get that: who wants to think about their business going up in smoke? That said, I recently saw an article about a company that did just that. However, the good news was that they were prepared.

This is the story of a Bracknell broadcasting company in the UK.

In November, NEP Visions (NEP) lost their office space as well as their broadcasting equipment in a massive fire. Needless to say, NEP had to resume work and find a new place to work. The good news is they had a very strong disaster recovery plan in place to account for physical damage as well as a business continuity plan to ensure their systems, servers and data were protected–no matter what.

NEP Visions was prepared with insurance that could help replace what was lost: the physical space, the broadcasting trucks, the cameras. However, they also ensured their business data was backed up. In this case, the company used Datto to secure data off-site in the unlikely event something would interfere with on-site backups. Having critical business data supported with a Datto device means that it is always recoverable and can be done so quickly–even if your physical space has undergone a fire. According to Dianne France, the director of legal and business affairs: “Having the data backed up and having a disaster recovery plan in place was so important.”

This is a great example of a disaster recovery plan (we love happy endings). The full story can be found here.

If you are interested in learning more about disaster recovery planning for your business as well as setting up a continuity plan, please contact us today.

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