Datto vs Zerto – these are the facts, you be the judge

by Sep 22, 2016Business Continuity

Which one is right for your business: Datto vs Zerto?

There are a lot of business continuity and disaster recovery solutions on the market and as business continuity specialists, we need to know about them all. Lately, we’ve been hearing some rumblings about Zerto. That said, we wanted to do our homework and check out the competition as we’ve had little exposure with the solution to date. Let’s take a look at Datto vs Zerto.

First impression was positive

Zerto has received some positive feedback from some big, national clients that proclaim the solution is easy-to-use and delivers quick restore times. Ok, that’s promising. Right on the homepage, they claim to have solutions that offer continuous availability to withstand any IT infrastructure outage, disaster or technology change and confidently move your business forward — well, that’s a pretty big promise, let’s dig little deeper and see how Zerto measures up.

Datto vs Zerto: What exactly is it?

After a little digging, we’ve concluded that Zerto is a software solution that offers hypervisor-based replication for VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V environments. It runs on VMware Hyper vision as a virtual machine and can replicate VMs site-to-site with instant virtualization. So far, so good. However, we learned that unlike Datto, Zerto does not protect the HyperVisor. Yikes. What’s worse is that it adds load to the servers and does not provide onsite virtualization should server hardware fail. Well, that’s a problem for a disaster recovery solution that claims to withstand any possible disaster.

Datto vs Zerto: How fast is fast?

Zerto is fast. It offers site-to-site replication via VPN and provides near instant virtualization in 8 to 30 seconds. That said, offsite virtualization is provided by AWS, which is an add-on and means you are restricted to AWS terms and conditions.

Not bad, but Datto is better. Datto’s claim to fame is recovery in as few as 6 seconds. In addition, Datto provides instant onsite virtualization onsite and offsite. In addition, it offers Hybrid virtualization via the Datto Cloud.

Datto vs Zerto: What’s the backup method, anyway?

This is where Datto starts to pull away. Zerto provides virtual machine replication, which means long-term roll back of backups is limited to only 5 days. And, there is absolutely no protection for physical machines.

Datto’s proprietary Inverse Chain Technology does things differently. It saves each backup image in a universal file format (VMDK / VHD), which makes each backup a fully bootable virtual machine image. As a result, there is no “roll-up” or reclamation process that has to occur to obtain a full backup image. Since there aren’t co-dependencies between snapshot images, users can delete a snapshot or change retention policies as they wish.

Datto vs Zerto: What is the deal with the RTOs?

Zerto may claim that they can recover replicated VMs in just 7 seconds. However, let’s take a closer look.  Their RTO time is reliant on machine-to-machine replication, which unfortunately (for their end-users) will require LAN or Broadband connectivity. Zerto may do a solid job at replication, but it is not a backup solution.

On the other hand, Datto provides backup and (speedy) recovery or — as we like to say– intelligent business continuity. It’s fairly simple. Datto has the option to use an Agent that is part of the ShadowSnap engine, which can monitor block-level changes as they occur. This means when it’s time to backup, the device can instantly find the sectors changed and back them up. This is why Datto can create a backup snapshot with a Recovery Point Objective (RPO) of just 5 minutes.

Datto vs Zerto: What about the extras?

In need of support? We’ve learned Zerto’s support is based in Israel. As a committed BCDR solution provide, Datto offers US and UK-based support that is available literally 24 hours a day, seven days a week, every single day of the year.

What about taking these solutions for a spin? Well, both BCDR solutions come with a trial. However, we couldn’t find any information about a warranty for Zerto. With the new Datto SIRIS 3, the company is providing an impressive five year warranty as well as an advanced replacement promise.

Datto vs Zerto: What’s the conclusion?

Zerto is a solid solution to replicate your data. However, it isn’t a complete BDR solution. Datto provides truly Intelligent Business Continuity solutions for businesses of every size, regardless of infrastructure. Contact us today to see for yourself and schedule a demo of Datto technology.

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