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by | Nov 29, 2016

Data Backup and Storage: Datto vs Unitrends

As the weather starts to turn colder with the approaching holiday season, it is important that people invest in data backup and disaster recovery. While many people rely on traditional methods, such as a second set of hardware, natural disasters such as snowstorms can leave a path of total destruction. This makes professional data backup and disaster recovery services more important than ever. Two of the most popular services in the hybrid cloud data backup and disaster recovery industry are Datto and Unitrends. A hybrid cloud service is a professional data backup and disaster recovery entity that provides backup services on both hardware and cloud platforms. This allows people to have the convenience of a hardware backup with the security of the virtual cloud. Because there are numerous options for data backup and disaster recovery, business leaders need to consider the qualities of every service before making a decision. Some of the details of Datto vs Unitrends are summarized below.

Datto vs Unitrends: Price, Backup Performance Time, and Agents

Every business owner is concerned about price because this influences the amount of capital available for other business requirements. For example, money is needed for supply chain management, customer acquisition as well as general business growth. Ultimately, Datto has a slightly higher upfront investment than Unitrends. While many people think this might give the edge to Unitrends, it is important to examine some of the hidden costs.

First and foremost, Datto has committed themselves to developing safer backup portals, which can handle larger amounts of data as well as provide a more reliable way to protect that data. This means that Datto can handle a wider range of problems than Unitrends. In addition, Datto is known to provide the best service in the industry. They have award-winning, US-based support that is available 24/7, 365 days a year.

When disaster does strike, it is important that people are able to restore their data quickly and efficiently to ensure their business doesn’t miss a beat. Datto understands that people need their services most when their data is lost. Therefore, Datto saves their files in a VMDK state. This ensures that customers are able to quickly recover their data because all that needs to happen is to export the files and images from the backup server back to the customer. Datto has even added the ability for customers to save VMDK files to a USB storage device. Unitrends, on the other hand, does not save their files in a quickly exportable VMDK state. This can make it challenging and time-consuming for customers to restore their data if a problem arises. When choosing a business continuity solution, be certain you will be able to restore your data quickly.

Finally, people looking at professional data backup and disaster recovery services should consider whether or not there are agents. Both Datto and Unitrends use agents, which offer a number of advantages. Agents allow people to monitor changes to their backup files on hard disks; however, there is a key benefit to the agent that Datto uses, called ShadowSnapDatto provides a “Screenshot Verification” service. This means that customers can always rest easily knowing that any problems with the agents will be detected and corrected quickly. The integrity of each backup is confirmed with the screenshot verification technology of Datto. That said, the Datto SIRIS 3 also now offers an agentless option for additional flexibility.

If a situation arises, you must ensure that data and infrastructure will be restored, and quickly. If this doesn’t happen, the business will lose time, which translates to money. It’s important to remember a business will ultimately suffer when its networks go down. There’s many factors to consider, such as: lost sales, ineffective employees, a damaged reputation and the list goes on. Overall, you may pay a little more for Datto. However, if your business is one that values their data, it is well worth the upfront investment.

There are a myriad of data backup providers on the market. Do your homework. You can find more information on Datto and their latest solution, the SIRIS 3 by clicking here.

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