Datto vs Barracuda for BDR: only one can be the best

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Datto vs Barracuda: Overview

Commercial backup systems have come a long way from a reliance on tape decks and optical media. Today we require a lot from our backup systems.  They maintain data continuity, provide multiple layers of redundancy, backup entire file systems and secure it all behind strong encryption. The Datto SIRIS 3 and Barracuda represent two of the leading backup solutions on the market today. In this Datto vs Barracuda article, we will be examining across both systems a few of the key points of comparison in the areas that matters most to businesses. For this comparison, data points are taken primarily from the Datto SIRIS 3 spec chart found here from Invenio It and the Barracuda specification chart found here on the Barracuda corporate webpage.

Datto vs Barracuda: Capacity

Both Datto and Barracuda use a hybrid system of onsite and cloud backups in order to provide the speed of local backup and the security of offsite data protection. Local storage amounts vary based on cost and specific hardware implementation across both Datto SIRIS 3 and Barracuda systems. Local storage on Datto SIRIS 3 systems ranges in size from 500Gb up to an impressive 60Tb capacity but Barracuda holds the advantage here, edging out Datto SIRIS with maximum storage volume reaching 112 Tb, though its suggested storage volume size of 50Tb puts it beneath the capacity of the largest Datto SIRIS 3 implementation.

Datto vs Barracuda: Performance

Apart from local storage capacity, Datto SIRIS 3 delivers better performance, both in OS operation and in data transmission. With Barracuda, the local backup administration and shadowing is housed in a series of HDD drives. These are configured in RAID 10 in order to achieve both performance increases and data redundancy. RAID 10, also known as RAID 1+0, combines the speed advantages of RAID 0 with the redundancy advantages of RAID 1. This is likely done to reduce cost by using cheaper, swappable HDDs. Datto has taken a different approach and uses the far better performing SSDs for OS installs. It relies up RAID 1 or RAID 6 for the backup images and data only, RAID 6 also achieving both speed and local redundancy. The result of this combination of SSD and HDD system in the Datto SIRIS 3 is improved performance where it counts while not sacrificing data integrity. This gives the nod to Datto in the Datto vs. Barracuda performance comparison.

Datto vs Barracuda: Data Access

Data transmission is achieved by two 10Gb Ethernet connections in every Datto SIRIS 3 model but with the barracuda models, this is restricted to only a one 10Gb Ethernet connection on half of the available configurations. This could present an information bottleneck and limit the speed of backups, especially in data heavy use cases. Both systems offer identical levels of 256 AES encryption. The Barracuda implementations contain both centralized and local management systems whereas the Datto SIRIS 3 implementation favors centralized management.

Image based backup and file based backups with granular file restore are used in both systems. Software tools are available on both systems to precisely control file versions and restore points dynamically. Although Datto SIRIS 3 and barracuda both use Virtualization in their cloud based backups, there are two clear advantages with the Datto system.

Datto vs Barracuda: Backup Integrity Check

The first is the ability of Datto to restore a full system image remotely within the cloud. This allows it to resume operations with nearly zero downtime. This is key for those who cannot afford to wait days for a backup to be imaged onto a local machine. The second advantage of Datto vs Barracuda is the constant checks it performs for backup image integrity, what is called inverse chain technology that ensures all versions are valid and can be reverted to. Backups images are useless if they are corrupted or otherwise unmountable. Many businesses believe they are backing up successfully only to find out months or years later that none of their backups were valid. Datto takes an extreme approach to ensure that every backup is valid by automatically mounting it in a cloud-based virtual machine, logging in and emailing a screenshot every day. Far beyond a simple status indicator offered by other backup solutions, this constant validity check is perhaps the most important feature. All the extra Tbs and local management offered by Barracuda will be useless in the event of a database corruption that leaves a trail of unstable backups in the system.

Datto vs Barracuda: The Final Verdict

Although Barracuda offers some attractive storage capacities and increased local management, the final verdict in the Datto vs Barracuda comparison falls to Datto. Datto is the choice for raw performance, data transmission, virtualization options and absolute assurance of backup integrity. Backups are about both speed and peace of mind, and these are the key advantages offered by the Datto SIRIS 3 over the Barracuda implementations.

For a demo of the Datto SIRIS 3, click here.

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