A breakdown of the Datto technologies [a must read]

by | Oct 10, 2016

Learn about how Datto technologies make all the difference

Datto has emerged as a leader in the overcrowded field of backup and recovery. This is a result of the innovation Datto technologies offer to provide true business continuity, giving businesses a welcomed alternative to costly downtime. Here is an overview of the 4 key Datto technologies.

  1. Inverse Chain Technology

A traditional backup starts with a base image of a computer. This image can be used to virtualize an image from a given day. As time goes on, additions, or as we call them “incrementals” are tacked onto the base image that note what has changed from the original base image. These incrementals build on each other, referring to the previous point. While this can be effective, if something goes wrong with an incremental, every incremental afterward refers to a corrupted point and that invalidates any subsequent backups–and that is no bueno!

Now, there’s Datto’s proprietary Inverse Chain Technology. Building off traditional backup, there is a similar base image and incrementals – however, Datto uses ZFS technology to make each incremental point refer to every other point. This increases the backup chain’s redundancy, but also the flexibility in how each incremental is storage and used to virtualize.

Inverse Chain Technology uses ZFS technology, which allows for the following benefits:

  • Independent recovery points, providing protection from corruption
  • Backup points are stored as fully recoverable images so no conversion is needed
  • Any point can be instantly expanded to a full image (for restore, virtualization, etc)

2. Screenshot Backup Verification

This is another patented technology, only available from Datto. As you know, your computer makes regular scheduled backups every day. When you have a Datto, the backup is then packaged and sent to the Datto device. The device takes the backup and creates a virtual machine. The device then runs the virtual machine and takes a screenshot. This screenshot is proof the backup was successful—and will work in the event is needed. Since the vast majority of backups end up being unusable, this is among my favorites of all Datto technologies.

3. Backup Insights

Next, we’ll move onto Backup Insights. This technology allows a user to compare two backup points side-by-side to discover changes and provide a new perspective on your data. This is a invaluable tool for administrators, who are looking to improve their backup process and learn about the employee data usage habits as well as predict potential issues.

4. Backupify

There have been a lot of changes as technology allows cloud computing to be cheaper and more widely used. In the past, you would go to a brick and mortar store to buy a piece of software and hope that it works when you get back home or to the office. Now, with cloud computing, Software as a Service or SaaS exchanges the large upfront investment for low monthly payments while the software is used. Additional benefits of SaaS are increased accessibility, with data storage in the cloud for added security. However, it is important to note this does not protect against user error.

Enter Backupify by Datto. This product is unique because it backs up SaaS applications. These apps rely on the vendor to provide the infrastructure and store the data, which means there is a large margin for user error. Backupify takes the “humanity” out of the equation by making backup of SaaS apps. It also protects against malicious intended deletions, viruses and more. Backupify is organized in a sleek, easy-to-ease interface and is continuously growing to support the increasing breath of Software as a Service applications. It’s a great time to check out Backupify by Datto.

These four Datto technologies are a game-changer. They protect your data from anywhere that it lives and protects your business against downtime. It’s really that simple. Click for important information on their product line, or to demo the Datto technology today.

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