Which Datto Solutions are Right for Your Organization?

by | Mar 6, 2018

Which Datto solutions can bring the most value and protection to your infrastructure?

It all depends on the unique objectives of your organization.

Datto has come a long way since its humble beginnings in 2007, when founder Austin McChord first began selling a custom-built external hard drive online. Just a few short years later, Datto is now valued at over $1 billion, with offices around the globe. It is widely considered a market leader in business continuity, disaster recovery and cloud backup.

To help you determine which Datto solutions could benefit your operations, let’s take a look at each offering available from the company today.

Datto Solutions at a Glance

Before we dive into the products, let’s talk about the solutions themselves. These are the crucial ways that Datto’s technologies are solving real-world problems for businesses.

  • Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery: First and foremost, Datto solutions are built to keep businesses running after a disaster. The company’s data protection technologies make backups near-instantly recoverable, thus minimizing downtime.
  • Ransomware Protection: As the threat of ransomware grows, Datto is helping businesses lower risk by adding ransomware detection directly into its backup devices.
  • Disaster Recovery as a Service: Datto’s hybrid cloud technologies are enabling small to medium-size businesses to afford an enterprise-level disaster recovery solution, which can virtualize a company’s entire infrastructure (physical or virtual) in seconds.
  • Managed Networking: Through Datto’s partners, companies can rapidly deploy fully integrated networks, managed remotely for speed and cost efficiency.
  • Cloud-to-Cloud SaaS Backup: More companies are relying on clouds from Google, Microsoft and other providers to store their data. Datto helps companies back up that data to its own cloud, providing an extra level of defense against user error and malicious attacks.


Data Protection Solutions

Now, let’s dig into the actual products and technologies that make these solutions possible.


The Datto SIRIS is Datto’s flagship backup-and-disaster recovery appliance. It’s arguably the first fully featured data protection platform delivered in a single integrated package.

SIRIS provides enterprise-level business continuity to small, medium and large businesses: ultra-fast image-based backups and near-instant virtualized recovery via the appliance or the Datto Cloud. It’s built to protect local, virtual and cloud environments, running on Windows, Mac or Linux. There are several Datto SIRIS models available, including an all-Flash SSD version, allowing IT managers to choose the right fit for their needs.



The Datto ALTO 3 provides much of the same data-protection power as the SIRIS, but in a more limited package intended for smaller businesses. Instant virtualization, for example, is still possible via the Datto Cloud, but not off the BDR itself. Like the SIRIS, the ALTO 3 uses Datto’s Inverse Chain Technology, which results in faster, more resilient image-based backups that are fully bootable virtual machines.

The ALTO 3 features an Intel dual core i3 CPU, 8GB RAM and 2TB of SSHD storage. It can protect up to four source machines.



Datto Backupify is what powers the cloud-to-cloud SaaS backups we mentioned above. It’s a secure and dependable solution for protecting all the data your teams are storing in Office 365, G Suite, Salesforce and other cloud-based platforms. Backupify automatically backs up the data in those clouds to the Datto Cloud, so that you can easily restore data that has been accidentally deleted or compromised.

Businesses are increasingly using third-party SaaS applications, like G Suite, for their email, calendar, spreadsheets and other data. But just because those files aren’t being stored on your servers doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be backed up. Backupify ensures you’re protecting all your data, no matter where it lives.



The Datto NAS is scalable network attached storage solution, which also backs up data to the Datto Cloud. It’s a simple, yet powerful solution for sharing data on the local network, while also backing it up with the same image-based Inverse Chain Technology that powers Datto’s BDR appliances. Everything is stored locally, replicated to the cloud and quickly recoverable.

The Datto NAS features preconfigured RAID and hot-swappable drive bays. So administrators can easily add or replace drives without shutting down the system.



Datto Drive is the company’s file-sync-and-share (FSS) platform for businesses. It’s a secure solution for making files accessible across devices and helping teams collaborate more efficiently. Files are stored in Datto Cloud, thus providing a lightweight backup solution as well. Additionally, Datto Drive is the only FSS platform that natively protects against ransomware.

Datto Drive is also attractive to businesses for its affordability. It’s offered to organizations for a single flat fee, regardless of the number of users.


Datto Networking Solutions

Over the last few years, Datto’s product suites have expanded beyond BCDR to include networking as well. Officially announced in January 2017, the Datto Networking product line offers additional solutions to help businesses manage their networks smarter, more securely and efficiently.



The Datto DNA – short for Datto Networking Appliance – equips businesses with everything needed to set up a network and stay connected. It’s a high-performance WiFi edge router with fully integrated 4G LTE failover and failback from Verizon Wireless. When the appliance detects that Internet has gone down, it switches over to 4G LTE automatically. So teams stay connected—and stay productive.

DNA also features intrusion detection and a firewall with Layer 2 protocol analysis. The appliance automatically detects any unwanted packets and prevents them from entering the network.


Networking Switch

The Datto Network Switch offers a simplified approach to network infrastructure and management. It’s designed to automatically connect users and devices on the network, and it’s easily configurable via Datto’s cloud management platform. This translates into faster deployments for IT administrators or managed service providers, as well as enhanced network continuity. Once the switch has power and an Internet connection, it’s ready to go. It can be configured remotely without having to touch the device, a huge time savings.

Datto’s switches are power-over-Ethernet (PoE) enabled and are available in multiple port options: 8, 24 or 48.


Access Points

The Datto Access Point, also referred to as Datto Networking WiFi, goes hand-in-hand with the Datto Networking Switches to deliver seamless, modular WiFi across a self-healing mesh network. These powerful little access points are easy to install and even easier to manage via Datto’s Cloud Management platform. Like the switches, they’re PoE-enabled. Since the entire network is managed from the cloud, IT administrators can quickly identify and troubleshoot any issues.


Datto’s Technology Solutions

So, what differentiates Datto solutions from other data protection offerings out there? It’s all about the technology inside. Datto rapidly ascended to become a market leader not by copying others but by innovating and disrupting the industry.

Here’s how Datto does it:

Inverse Chain Technology

We hinted above at how Datto’s Inverse Chain Technology makes backups faster and more resilient. All Datto BDR devices use Copy-on-Write snapshots to create application-consistent recovery points of protected machines. Backups aren’t dependent on previous backups, thus eliminating the most commonly occurring problems in the backup chain.

By using image-based ZFS, Inverse Chain Technology tracks the “deltas” between recovery points—eliminating the need for reconstructing backups. This makes the process faster and less prone to failure during recovery.


Instant Virtualization

Every minute counts in a disaster. Datto’s Instant Virtualization enables you to immediately virtualize a protected server, so that you can continue to access data and business-critical apps.

Backups can be virtualized directly from the Datto appliance (SIRIS) or from the Datto Cloud (ALTO or SIRIS). Even during virtualization, scheduled backups continue in the background, so that any new changes aren’t lost in the event of a second outage.


Screenshot Verification

Datto’s patented Screenshot Backup Verification gives IT managers the peace of mind that backups are completed without problem and can be booted successfully. After each backup, the Datto BDR test-boots it and virtualizes it automatically. A variety of screen-recognition and patented CPU-register algorithms are used to validate backup integrity. So if any problems are detected, administrators know about it. And, these integrity checks happen without production outages or a need for scheduled downtime.


Backup Insights

Backup Insights is Datto’s web-based interface that provides insight into the files and folders that have been backed up. More specifically, it allows administrators to quickly identify what files have been modified, deleted or newly created between two recovery points. Files can be restored instantly via the interface.

Even when file names or deletion dates are unknown, Backup Insights makes them easy to locate. We all know that accidental file/folder deletions are the bane of an IT manager’s day. Backup Insights makes recovery super-quick, so that a previously daunting task is now a snap.


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Dale Shulmistra is a Business Continuity Specialist at Invenio IT, responsible for shaping the company’s technology initiatives -- selecting, designing, implementing & supporting business continuity solutions to bolster client operational efficiencies and eliminate downtime.

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