Datto SIRIS Final Error (#2 The System Cannot Find The File Specified)

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Troubleshoot the Datto SIRIS Final Error

Every backup will encounter an error, often times they are a result of the system that is being backed up.  In this post, we cover the Datto SIRIS final error that you may encounter: “Final Error (#2 The System Cannot Find The File Specified.)”.  We also offer a troubleshooting solution for this error on your Datto SIRIS.

Final Error (#2 The System Cannot Find The File Specified.)


       Example: Final Error (#2 The System Cannot Find The File Specified.)


1.   What many times this error appears for is damaged disks or bad sectors on the drive.

2.    It can also indicate a bad ShadowProtect install or conflicting ShadowProtect installs (Previous versions, Server, Desktop, non-MSP installs)

  1. • In the Datto SIRIS, set Shared Compatibility mode, and ensure there is a public DNS setting.
  2. • Update ShadowSnap and ShadowProtect to latest version found on www.shadowsnap.com. Make sure that no previous versions of the software have been installed.
  3. • Run a chkdsk /r to fix and repair any bad disk sectors on the target server.
  4. • In the Datto SIRIS, force a differential merge from the advanced options tab.
  5.  If all of these steps fail, we need to re-register the StorageCraft drivers by performing these steps (Be advised there are 4 reboots in here, have a good maintenance window scheduled):

Steps to purge all Stcvsm.sys related registry entries and repair the ShadowProtect install.

    1. • Download PSExec.exe from http://live.sysinternals.com/psexec.exe.
    2. • Also download the ShadowProtect MSP installer
    3. • Open a command prompt and browse to the location psexec was downloaded to.
    4. • Run the following command. Psexec.exe -hsi cmd.exe.
    5. • This will open a second Command prompt window that will be running as local system.
    6. • From that CMD window browse to <Program Dir>StoragecraftShadowprotect.•
    7. From the CMD window Run Stcinst.exe –w
    8.  Reboot the machine.
    9. • Using the ShadowProtect MSP installer, repair the Shadowprotect install.
    10.  Reboot the machine.
    11. •  From the CMD window Run Stcinst.exe –u  (please follow steps 1-5 to bring up the correct CMD window again).
    12.  Reboot the machine
    13. • Repair the Shadowprotect install.
    14.  Reboot the machine. 
    15. • Upon completion, attempt another ShadowSnap backup. This may require a differential merge to be performed again.

Please contact us for more help regarding the Datto SIRIS Final Error. We’re here and happy to help.

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