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by Apr 11, 2013Business Continuity

Get Datto SIRIS Extensive OS Support

It happens. Servers go down. However, when it happens, it could mean losing business, hurting the bottom line in the end. You could lose emails, databases, and entire systems. Unfortunately, the timing can’t be predicted. The only sure thing is that it won’t happen at a good time.

There is one thing you can be prepared with, however. With Instant Virtualization, it’s possible for you to be back up and running in seconds. That means back to business in seconds.

The best news is that the Datto SIRIS Backup Systems provide the extensive support to whatever system your business uses. Whether Microsoft, Mac, or Linux, we’re there with the OS support your business needs, particularly during times like this.

There’s also no need to be an IT specialist to manage the Datto SIRIS system, utilizing a simple web interface, designed with you in mind. You can have peace of mind, being reassured that each backup is verified with a screenshot. Each backup can be instantly visualized.

Even before an event happens, you’re saving valuable money and resources with the right backup system. With advanced duplication, there’s no need for utilizing valuable storage space locally. Instead, your valuable data is transmitted for off-site storage. Safe, practical, and economical.

Let’s face it, in the technological world we live in, a secure backup is an absolute must. So protect your business, being secure in the knowledge that, regardless of the OS you use, Datto SIRIS can provide the support you need. To find out how we can support your particular operating system, please contact us.

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Dale Shulmistra is a Business Continuity Specialist at Invenio IT, responsible for shaping the company’s technology initiatives -- selecting, designing, implementing & supporting business continuity solutions to bolster client operational efficiencies and eliminate downtime.

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