Get the ultimate in data safety with Datto SIRIS encryption

by Jun 6, 2016Business Continuity

Datto SIRIS encryption is cutting-edge.

Datto’s hybrid cloud backup provides highly reliable continuity for businesses that absolutely need to stay up and running without losing data. The SIRIS device, which sits on the customer site between on-premises systems and the Datto cloud, offers state-of-the-art encryption which even Datto can’t break. That’s Datto encryption for you!

When storing sensitive data offsite, it’s imperative to store it securely so that no intruder can grab a copy. It’s even more important to keep it secure in transit, where unencrypted data can be intercepted. Many services say they offer encryption, but how strong it is and how well the service guards against breaches will vary significantly.

Dan Fuhry, an encryption specialist at Datto, has discussed how Datto SIRIS encryption works. SIRIS generates the master key, used to encrypt customer data, as true random data rather than basing it on a passphrase, and SIRIS encrypts it into a user key based on a passphrase. This allows changing the passphrase, and thus the user key, without changing the encrypted data, and it allows stronger master keys.

Datto SIRIS encryption employs the AES 256 standard, a very strong encryption method which the US government uses for top-secret communication. It uses the largest of the three key sizes that the AES standard supports. The encryption happens in the SIRIS box, which the customer physically controls; SIRIS then replicates the encrypted data to the Datto Cloud. Without both the user key and the passphrase, it’s extremely difficult to break the encryption. We can never say “impossible,” but brute force methods aren’t computationally feasible with AES 256, even for governmental security agencies.

Since 2013, every Datto SIRIS has had end-to-end encryption as a standard feature. Datto takes reports of potential security issues seriously and addresses them promptly.

Invenio IT has a Datto-certified technical staff to help choose the best SIRIS configuration for your needs and set it up for you. The Datto solution provides a high level of safety for business continuity, whatever disasters may strike. Please contact us for details.

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